One of the newest players in the high performance enthusiast and racing market is window manufacturer Optic Armor Performance Windows, although the faces behind the scenes are anything but new to the industry. Optic Armor has spent the last year getting their new brand off the ground, and here at PRI, they’re out to prove just how good their product is.

Although difficult to photograph, you can see the scratches left behind on your more standard lexan material from the steel wool in this display at the Optic Armor booth.

Optic Armor boasts a growing catalog of windows designed for street cars and racing vehicles that can also be catered to custom applications, featuring some impressive optical clarity, chemical and scratch resistance inside and out, significant weight loss compared to factory glass, and strength light years ahead of OEM windows. It all adds up to a product that’s virtually bulletproof, and a perfect match with the racing industry.

To achieve this ultra-strong product, Optic Armor applies a hard coat to the raw polycarbonate sheet, which is part of a proprietary (and top secret) forming process. The durability of the Optic Armor process was being put to the test in their booth, with a piece of steel wool wrapped around a moving windshield wiper, showing the difference between the Optic Armor product on one side and typical lexan on the other. The Optic Armor side was complete scratch-free.

Here at PRI, Optic Armor has a sample of their drop-in blackout windows designed for the 2010 and later Chevrolet Camaro, which is just one of the many current direct-replacement offerings. Other applications include 1993-2002 Camaros, 79 and later Ford Mustangs, C4-C6 Corvettes, 2008 and later dodge Challengers, later model Porsches, and Dodge Vipers. The company has several other makes and models in the pipeline, and along with their made-to-fit windows, also sells sheets of material that are suited well to street rods, race cars, and other uses.

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