Dyno Dynamics, the Australian company that has been making dynomometers down under since 1968, pride themselves on building affordable and reliable dynos. “Our dynos produce very repeatable results and cover a wide range of applications. From engine dynos to all wheel drive applications,” claims Dyno Dynamics Chris Kopitzke.

“We have a range of dynos that are among the most advanced and user friendly in the world,” Kopitzke. “Our eddy-current dynos are favorites with the tuners.”

The new push within the company has been for an affordable, entry-level dynamometer for shops looking to get into the tuning and diagnostics industry. This was the inspiration for the Dynotech line of 2-wheel and motorcycle dynos from Dyno Dynamics.

“The Dynotech line offers great value for the money,” says Kopitzke. “They are designed to simulate road conditions and add resistance accordingly. The customer gets our 30-years of technology, which allows them to improve their capabilities, without a huge price tag.”

Dyno Dynamics new Dynotech 2-wheel drive chassis dyno features portability and mobility in a highly technical unit.

Features and Benefits of the Dynotech 2-wheel drive dyno:

  • Capable of tuning rear wheel or front wheel drive vehicles or motorcycles with the motorcycle adapter
  • Measures power from 1HP up to 1200 HP
  • Measures axle torque up to 6250 Nm
  • Max speed 250 km/h
  • Steady State graphing
  • Command RPM Dynotech user friendly windows based software-auto saves your data, no need for you to manually save
  • Auto Weather Station automatically compensates for temperature, pressure, humidity variations
  • OBD II Kit can stream data from ECU into Dynotech software
  • An optional mobility wheel kit to make the dyno portable, so it can be moved around the workshop or taken on-site for mobile dyno tuning
  • Smaller size allows convenience of positioning in both smaller workshops and home garage
  • Unique DD knurling- the company’s knurling process that makes sure the rollers are non-aggressive on tyres and closely mimic the road experience
  • Software has been designed by Dyno Dynamics own experienced software engineers in their Melbourne Manufacturing Facility
  • All Dynotech Dynos are modular upgradable
  • Designed, developed, engineered manufactured and assembled by our highly skilled team in our factory in Melbourne Manufacturing Facility, Victoria, Australia
Kopitzke claims, “our dynos offer so many features and are so user friendly that they are the most copied dynos in the world. The load control is second to none and the dynos are the most portable.
For more information on Dyno Dynamics new line of Dynotech dynamometers, visit them online at www.dyno.com.au