Our week started off with us listening to Joe Gibbs Driven’s Racing Oils General Manager Lake Speed Jr. at the 22nd annual Advanced Engineering Technology Conference. We were absolutely amazed at how much speed and protection teams often overlook when it comes to oil. We’ve all been guilty of just assuming that all oil is the same, instead of really looking into what our engine requires, we just accept what our engine builder or competitors at the track tell us to run.

A perfect example of example of a new oil that is designed for a specific application is the XP 9 Oil from Joe Gibbs Driven. “This oil is designed for wet sump high horsepower steel block engines,” said Lake Speed Jr. “The synthetic 10W-40 helps protect on the cold starts that can so easily harm engines.” The XP9 is a fully synthetic oil that is specifically designed for competition applications. Speed went on to explain to us, “Most teams will not prime their oil on a wet sump system before initial start up, and shorten the life of their engine dramatically. But the XP9 is thinner even at cold temperatures to help protect during those cold starts.”

XP 9 Features

  • Increased durability at high temperatures
  • Compatible with methanol and high octane race fuels
  • Formulated with proprietary anti-wear and friction reducing additives
  • Increased high temperature and high shear protection

Would you believe these lifters have over 3,000 miles on them?

All in all the folks at Joe Gibbs Racing unveiled 12 new products including the XP-9 for 2012. The new products included:

  • XP 10 - Ideal for wet-sump drag race engines, 800+cub inch drag engines and restricted air-flow engines
  • KRT - 4 stroke karting oil
  • MX1 - Wet clutch racing oil
  • XP5 - Use in high compression engines
  • XP7 - Ideal for desert and off-road engines
  • XP4 - Dirt and nitrous racers who need to change their oil frequently
  • XP8 - Low cost drag racing oil
  • EPC Chassis Grease
  • DP40 - Turbo diesel oil
  • CSP - Coolant System Protector
  • Joe Gibbs Locker Springs

Make sure you check out Joe Gibbs Driven’s homepage for more information on their complete line of products.