By all accounts Sean Buck’s introduction to Ford’s ever-popular Mustang started like many others. He was exposed to a friend’s pony car and his life was never the same again.

I never forgot how cool I thought that car was. — Sean Buck

“During my high school years in Indianapolis I was picked up almost every day for high school by a friend who owned a 1965 Mustang,” Sean said.“I never forgot how cool I thought that car was and when I finally had the financial wherewithal to purchase one, I bought a 1966 coupe from a farmer in rural Delaware.”

His dark blue, six-banger coupe helped ease the first-time owner into the hobby of owning and caring for classic Mustangs, which continues to this day.

“Unfortunately my ownership was short-lived (three years) because I needed cash for a down payment on my first home,” Sean explained.“I sold the Pony to an active-duty Army soldier at Fort Belvoir and became a happy homeowner.”

Although this maiden voyage into classic car ownership was brief, his life was preparing to take off.

Jacksonville, Florida’s Sean Buck with his 1968 Presidential Blue coupe took silver at its first show!


Sean and his wife Joanne of 34 years are proud parents of two grown children and recently added a 1968 Presidential Blue Mustang Coupe to their garage. The Jacksonville, Florida, Mustang Club members have worked hard to get the interior, soft trim, and stout 302 nearly 95-percent restored.

“I use the car now as a fun car to drive locally about once a week” Sean said. “I periodically show the car every few months when possible.”

His club sponsors Rumble on the River in downtown Jacksonville, which supports a national organization that cares for, adopts, and sells wild Mustangs. Sean, who admits the Mustang, is his baby and here to stay.

“I took a silver award in my very first show which wasn’t a bad start for the first one,” Sean said.

Honor, Courage, Commitment

When not at the helm of his Mustang, Sean, also known as Rear Admiral Buck, is commander of the Unites States Fourth Fleet headquartered in Mayport, Florida!

To fully understand Sean’s commitment to making his car the best it can be, you must first understand his commitment to his country.

“I am currently a 34 year active duty naval officer and am currently commander of the United States Fourth Fleet headquartered in Mayport, Florida,” he said.

Rear Admiral Buck is an aviator by trade, he flies Maritime Patrol aircraft, which includes the P-3C Orion and now the P-8A Poseidon submarine killers, and logging approximately 3,400 flight hours over the course of his career so far.

Although showing his prized pony is secondary for now, Rear Admiral Buck still manages to cruise, albeit a little differently.

The US Naval Academy graduate and son and grandson of 30-plus-year naval officers is responsible for all U.S. Navy ships, aircraft, and submarines operating in the Caribbean, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans around Central and South America.

Rear Admiral Buck and the Fourth Fleet supports USSOUTHCOM joint and combined full-spectrum military operations: “By providing principally sea-based forward presence to ensure freedom of maneuver in the maritime domain, to foster and sustain cooperative relationships with international partners, and to fully exploit the sea as maneuver space in order to enhance regional security and promote peace, stability, and prosperity in region.”

Definitely not your typical 9-5 day job!


An aviator by trade, Sean pilots both P-8A Poseidon and P-3C Orion submarine hunters.

Sean who understandably has a bit less time to enjoy his prized pony than most, says he looks forward to every opportunity afforded him to drive and improve his classic Mustang.

“I’ve always had affinity with classic Fords,” he says. “And I would love to have a 1965 convertible, desert gold with a white soft top one day.”

Born with Navy (and Ford) blue in his blood, Rear Admiral Buck continues his family legacy in service to his country.

For now, Rear Admiral Buck is focused on his naval obligations, but one day if you see Sean cruising the streets instead of the seas, give him and his Presidential Blue ’68 coupe a salute and thank him for his service, “Not for Self but Country.”

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