While Jeg Jr., Troy Coughlin’s brother, has a hankering for naturally aspirated 500 cubic inch Pro Stock cars, Troy has lately seemed to enjoy things of a different nature. Boost. In 2007, Troy came off a 2nd place finish in the NMCA Pro Street class and decided to jump into a twin-turbocharged Pro Mod GTO competing in the NHRA Pro Mod series. Seeing as he enjoyed the turbocharged powerplant so much, it was really only natural that he seek out some hairdryers for the wicked street ride you see here, a 2008 Saleen Mustang custom built by Granatelli Motorsports with GMS’s 2005-up Mustang turbocharger system.

Granatelli Motorsports is a sponsor here on StangTV.com and has a reputation for building custom vehicles for some of the top names in the aftermarket. Their performance parts are sold by Jeg’s Mail Order so the relationship was a natural one, it’s easy to understand how Troy tapped Granatelli Motorsports and JR. Granatelli to build him a signature series Mustang featuring a Granatelli Turbo Kit.

The Mustang – Background

Troy, from Delaware, Ohio, used to compete in NHRA Pro Stock. But, as he has a growing family that includes wife Julie and their four children, Troy Jr., Megan, Paige, and Kelly, Coughlin elected to pull out of the NHRA Pro Stock class in 2005 to avoid its grueling 23-race schedule and prerequisite travel and media obligations. That left him plenty of time to race in the Pro Mod series and tinker with rides like this Mustang.

The team started with a brand new 2008 Saleen Mustang. Then it got the “goods.” Troy told Granatelli that he was looking for a streetable Mustang that made big horsepower and had great street manners. He ended up with just what he asked for. “You can drive this car anywhere on 91 octane fuel surrounded with all the creature comforts, said J.R. Granatelli. “Yet, when you put the hammer down, it’s one tough Mustang. We built the no holds barred bottom end of the motor to easily withstand 1,000hp so durability is as good as OE specifications.”

Nothing escaped the touches of the GMS team. From the GMS turbo kit, to the suspension, chassis, and handling package, most of it all came from the Granatelli inventory of S197 Mustang components. It’s fast too, said J.R. “Unsuspecting challengers at the stop light will be shocked as the tail lights disappear before their eyes. The best part is that Troy was really impressed by the handling and power. It say a lot when a you can impress a real race car driver.”

Turbonetics provides the 76mm turbocharger that Granatelli includes in all of their turbocharger systems for S197 Mustangs.

We already told you the GMS components made up the foundation of the Saleen. Let’s go over each area of the car:

Suspension & Chassis:

  • Granatelli 1G Suspension System
  • GMS Adjustable Lower Control Arms
  • GMS Adjustable Upper 3rd Link
  • GMS Panhard Rod
  • GMS Lowering Springs
  • Saleen Struts & Shocks
  • GMS Sway Bars & Subframe Connectors

The 20” Saleen 7-spoke wheels were fitted with Pirelli P-Zero Rosso Tires (275/35/20 front, 275/40/20 rear).

Engine & Power Adder

  • Granatelli 330ci Stroker Engine
  • Forged Pistons, Rods, Crankshaft
  • GMS Turbo System Kit for S197 Mustang
  • Turbonetics 76mm Turbo Kit
  • GMS Tuning

Troy & Granatelli largely left the interior alone with the nice Saleen touches.

One thing you cannot say about Mr. Granatelli and the GMS companies is that they do not promote themselves. Logo’s go with the slick blue valve covers.