If you’re a regular here, you might have realized that my name has been popping up around here for the past few months. While I’ve contributed to Power Automedia titles for the last handful of years, I’m the newly-named Senior Associate Editor here at FordMuscle.com and FordNXT.com. It’s always nice to know where the content you’re consuming is coming from, so allow me to introduce myself!

The Early Years

I’ve been a Ford fan since birth. I know, they all say that. I was raised at the track and at local car shows with my dad and his 1966 Fairlane R-Code. It was only natural that I would fall right into the sport.

Flash forward quite a few years (16 to be exact), and I bought my first Mustang – a 1989 5.0L LX hatchback. It goes without saying, I fell in love, and I’ve had a Fox-body in my possession every day of my life since.

That’s not to say I don’t love other Fords as well. My father was kind enough to loan me his 1993 Lightning to take away to school at Rutgers University when my Mustang wasn’t ideal for the weather. Needless to say, I’ve always had something fun to drive. Thanks Dad!

My third and current Mustang (back when it was a daily-driven street car).


Finding My Way

During my time at Rutgers, I was offered an internship at The Enthusiast Network (TEN) – formerly Source Interlink Media. I wrote my first print feature for Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords on my second day there, and I haven’t looked back since.

Upon graduation, I moved from New Jersey to Florida to accept an Associate Online Editor position on several GM and Mopar titles, which was a real challenge given my background. Unfortunately, the company would soon close the Tampa office, leaving me 1,400 miles from home with no employment and only 10 months of job experience.

The tough times wouldn’t last, however. Power Automedia stepped in and offered me freelance work, as did TEN, and within a few months, I received a call from Roush Performance, outside of Detroit, offering me a writing position.

Off I went to the frigid Midwest in November to take the job. I remained at Roush for three and a half years, moving around within the company a bit. I went aboard as Creative Staff Writer, soon welcoming the title of Shows and Events Coordinator, and finally ending up as Communications and PR Manager. Aside from the in-office work of marketing Roush vehicles and parts, Roush granted me three full-year racing contracts to travel the country running my newly-built drag car in the NMRA series circuit.

Project Roush Fox in action!

My Own Performance Ford

We built my drag car in-house, giving my then daily-driven 1992 Mustang 5.0 hatchback a brand-new Coyote engine, Roush Phase 2 Supercharger, Performance Automatic C4 transmission, and full Maximum Motorsports suspension. The car did well (running low-9’s consistently), and I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Roush racing team. Throughout my three years racing, I brought home three top 10 season finishes for Roush.

Again, quite unfortunately, shake ups at Roush meant that the creative marketing team would have to find new employment, so I was on to my next adventure.

Of course, where better to take our engagement photos than Summit Motorsports Park where we met?

Around that time, I became engaged to my now-fiance (we met at an NMRA race – surprise, surprise!), so the natural thing to do was to move closer to home, as he was from New York. We packed up and I moved back to the east coast. After some time spent helping build his business and freelancing, the opportunity to work for Power Automedia fell into my lap, and I was thrilled.


What Next?

My race car’s current state.

Currently, I’m on my way back onto the racing circuit after taking this season off. My Fox-body is undergoing a rotisserie restoration at EB Custom Works in Ronkonkoma, New York, and has had the cage upgraded in preparation for a 7.50 chassis certification. The Roush vinyl wrap was removed at the end of last season, and we’ve chosen a custom shade that isn’t a far cry from its original hue – Emerald Green. The powerplant is still being chosen, but hopefully you’ll be reading about that sometime in the near future.

For now, I’m enjoying being on the NMRA circuit with my fiance’s Cobra Jet, and occasionally my father’s Fairlane, “patiently” waiting for my Fox to be back in action.

The Grand Plan

Now that I’m here at Power Automedia, I hope that I can bring a different viewpoint to the stories I write, offering you, the reader, a behind-the-scenes look at racing, performance products, and this hobby we all love so much.

My goal is to shake things up a bit and bring you more of the content you love and have come to expect from FordMuscle.com and FordNXT.com – with a twist.

What goes into preparing for a race weekend with an 8-second Mustang? Believe me, it’s not just changing oil and strapping a car down! What can you expect when Coyote-swapping your street-driven Fox-body? I want to give you the lowdown without the sugarcoating, because when I did mine, I truly did not understand what I was getting myself into, and I wish someone had been frank with me about it.

But it goes further than my stories. I want to know what you think about them! When you make it to the end of my stories, there is a link to my email in my bio. I want you to click that link and give me your honest thoughts on the topic. I want to know your story!

That said, my other goal is to make this a place where we come together as enthusiasts and discuss the important topics. Tell me what YOU want to see from us! The truth is, unless you tell us what you’re interested in reading, we won’t ever know. If you have a great idea and we think it’ll be a great fit for our websites, we’ll do our best to make it happen!

If you just want to let me know that you loved a story (or maybe didn’t), or perhaps offer a correction on something we might have missed, feel free to do that too.

As always, thank you for reading. I’m excited to be here, and humbled to be able to create content for you. Cheers!