Today is a thrilling day for your Ford friends at Power Automedia. We officially pulled the covers off not one, but two, incredible performance projects. These are not new project cars, however. They are our brand-new websites, Ford Muscle and FordNXT.

There is a lot to cover in the world of Ford Performance thanks to the company’s aggressive plan to launch a host of new go-fast vehicles through 2020, and FordNXT will be there to keep pace. Of course there are plenty of cars already in circulation, which is why we brought Ford Muscle into the fold.

If you are a longtime visitor to StangTV, we thank you for your support. However, the time has come to divide up the world of Ford performance so we can give more coverage to a wider cross section of go-fast machines and parts that we love so much. As you may have heard we recently purchased Ford Muscle and brought it into the fold. We’ve also developed an entirely new website, dubbed FordNXT.

It is because of these sites that you are reading these words with my name next to them. When I was approached to join the team here, it was an exciting opportunity; but when I learned of the plans to launch these new sites my personal tachometer went to the rev limiter. These platforms have long been needed because Ford is doing such a fantastic job with its performance vehicles.

The real signal of great things to come was the arrival of the Coyote 5.0-liter under the hood of the Ford Mustang. From the moment I got wind of this engine’s development, I knew the return of the 5.0-liter would be a significant milestone in the history of Blue Oval performance. Little did I know that it would truly reset the performance expectations of Ford fanatics.

Are you into pushrod power or modular muscle? We brought Ford Muscle into our garage and tuned it up to cover all the coolest Ford performance machines built before 2011. From Cobras and Cobra Jets to Terminators and GT500s, we will bring you a cross-section of classic and late-model Ford performers.


If you didn’t own a Coyote, you wanted to make your engine equal or surpass its 400-plus horsepower. And for others, if they couldn’t beat the Coyote, they were happy to join one with their current car courtesy of an engine swap.

This engine is clearly a game-changer, so that’s why the 2011 model year is the dividing line between our two new Ford properties. Ford fans of pushrod performance or modular engines, Ford Muscle will be your site. It will cover everything from 2010 Mustangs and Terminator Cobras to Fox Mustangs and classic Blue Oval Muscle cars. If it’s a fast Ford built before the coming of the Coyote, it is fair game.

That even includes the vehicles that fall into the massively popular engine-swap category. If your older Ford features a newer engine, like a Coyote, Ford Muscle is your spot.


If it’s Coyote- and EcoBoost-powered machines that rev your engine, FordNXT is the place to read about the cars and parts you love. On our new site we will cover everything from Mustangs and Shelbys to Raptors and hot hatches.

Those who are more excited about the latest and greatest offerings from Ford will want to tune into FordNXT. Obviously its foundation will be those game-changing Coyote-powered machines, but it will also dive into the ever-growing pool of EcoBoost-powered performers from the Ford GT and F-150 Raptor to the Focus RS and Fiesta ST.

If you are like me, you’ll want to keep tabs on both. The new stuff is exciting, but the Fords that preceded them will always hold a special place.

Naturally, both sites will deliver the kind of Ford performance content you have grown to love on StangTV. From features on the coolest cars and coverage of the best events to technical stories on the latest products and news from around the Ford performance world, these sites share the same mission—to bring you beautiful content about the cars and trucks you love.

We look forward to sharing the full spectrum of Ford performance across both sites. Now that we have stepped on the throttle, we want to hear from you about what we should cover. Tell us about the great cars, the ambitious projects and the exciting events. After all, we Ford fans are in this together.