Rage Exotic Vehicles calls their creations: “Mad Max Meets James Bond with HORSEPOWER!!” I call them ugly. As in burn the barn ugly. As in, some of the ugliest rice-like Mustangs and Corvettes the world has ever seen.

Horribly Import-influenced shark like front valance? Check.
Ricer Wing? Check.
Shark Fin Louvers that went out of style in 1971? Check.

If you want a car that will turn your neighbors into a mod of angry villagers with pitchforks and flaming torches, park the Rage Mustang in your drive way. It looks like a Mustang that rear ended an Mitsubishi Evo and absorbed it’s ugliest feature.

The company was founded in 1978 and has been producing vehicles like this apparently for over 30 years. Not surprisingly, Rage has starred in shows such as Miami Vice and had vehicles driven by such stars as Mister Miyagi himself, Pat Morita.

What does the Mustang community think?

2Horsepower says, on MustangForums.com:
“Has anybody seen the new issue of Mustang Enthusiast? The cover car is an aftermarket conversion called the “Rage”. It’s supposed to look like a transformer – what it looks like is OutRAGEous. What posessed this company to butcher the Mustang like that? Wish I had pics. Check out your local newstand for a look at this abomination.”

Hotshot says:
“That thing is an abomination. It may even give me nightmares.”

and finally…. from PJRiceStangs:
“One word: Mistubishiricestang”

If you don’t like your neighbors – contact Rage on the web here.