These days impressive power isn’t limited to just V-8 Mustangs. That’s why we were interested when John Kerr of Race Part Solutions started his Semi-Quick-Six project car. It all started when Kerr set out in search of a new project car. He recently picked up a 2013 Mustang V-6 with a six-speed manual transmission, brand new at his local Ford dealer for under $19k after rebates and a little dealing on his part.

With RPS’s core business focused on what racers need, especially when it comes to turbo systems, Kerr easily put together the parts and pieces for a single turbo setup. The system is based around a Borg-Warner S262 62mm turbo, with T3 exhaust housing, from Southeast Power Systems. Kerr set the system up as a dual scroll in order to bring in the boost as quickly as possible telling us “The car hits maximum boost by 2800 RPM.” The rest of the turbo system uses 304 stainless tubing, the stock exhaust manifolds, a Race Part Solutions intercooler, and Tial wastegate. Injectors are takeouts pulled from a Shelby GT500, and tuning was handled by by Ken Bjones using SCT products.

On the dyno at Power By The Hour, the boosted 3.7 cranked out an impressive 411 hp, and 428 ft-lbs of torque to the rear tires with only 9.8 psi of boost. At 15 psi those numbers jumped to 454 hp, but Kerr left the boost lower to prevent from hurting the low mileage engine.

At the drag strip stock the car ran 14.20’s, so far with mods the car has managed a best ET of 12.56 with a best MPH of 112, and 60 ft times in the 2.0 range. Those mid 12’s were achieved with the stock 2.73 airplane gears in the rear diff, with parts that the average person could buy for around $3,000.

Kerr has recently made a swap to 3.31 gears, and is confident the car should go 11’s soon, even in the south Florida summer heat. Other upcoming plans include a change to an auto trans, and eventually cranking the boost for a 10-second blast. Figuring the money he has in changes, Kerr still should be well under the price of a new Mustang GT, and able to run 10’s, impressive indeed. Keep an eye out for this V-6 Stang in Florida, it might just surprise you.