IMG_2846 copyWhen it comes to killer Mustangs, all you have to do is look to Justin’s Performance Center. There, the expert staff builds some of the coolest and most powerful Mustangs in the country and their latest creation is no different. Owned by Jeff Polivka, this turbocharged 2013 BOSS is one for the books.

“Jeff is building this car to be a weekend car for some serious track duty,” JPC’s Aaron Leblanc told us in a recent email conversation about the mighty Mustang. “He wants to be able to drive it to the track and drive it home.”

Certainly not a bad way to go, and with the knowledge of JPC behind it, this dream was inevitably possible.

installJPC To The Rescue

Since 2001, JPC has been making Mustang and other performance Ford enthusiasts’ dreams come true. With performance parts in stock, a knowledgeable sales team and an amazing group of skilled craftsman and mechanical staff, JPC can help transform your Mustang from a factory performance machine into a potent street competitor.

Lucky for Polivka, JPC has done just this with his brand new pony car.

Powering The Pony

The engine is almost always what people want to know about first, and JPC certainly took that into consideration. In addition to their Breather Package and Brisk plugs, JPC equipped the BOSS’s standard 302 engine with their own turbocharger kit, a Precision 7675 turbo, Tial BOV, two Precision 46mm wastegates and DMH cutouts.


IMG_2858 copy

From the turbocharger all the way back to the quad exhaust tips, Polivka's Mustang is one upgraded beast.

Fueling the Mustang’s potent engine is a JPC 1,400hp fuel system with twin 465LPH pumps, making the car E85 ready. The fuel system also features a JPC linelock, AMS 1000 boost controller, ID1000 injectors, and an MSD 2 Step.

Pulling heat from the engine and freeing up even more horsepower is a Magnaflow axle-back exhaust system with quad black tips fed through a 2013 GT500 rear valance.

transPushing It To The Pavement

With an engine as potent as the one that JPC created for Polivka’s modern muscle car, a heavy-duty transmission was a necessity. Because of this, the car was equipped with a Tremec T56 Magnum transmission equipped with a Mcleod RST Clutch and tied to a Mcleod lightened steel flywheel. A Dynotech driveshaft sends power to the rear axle.

Suspension modifications include a UPR Sway Bar Delete kit, BMR upper control arm mounts and a BMR adjustable panhard bar. Under the car, you’ll also find Metco control arms, BMR relocating brackets and Ford Racing BOSS 302 lowering springs. This specially-designed handling package is topped off with black Forgestar CF5V wheels. In all, the upgrades took just two weeks to complete. 


undercarriageAesthetic Substance

Aesthetically, Polivka’s Boss is almost exactly as it was when it rolled off the factory floor. However, the 2013 GT500 rear valance and the CDC front grill in black give the Mustang a uniquely fierce look without going over the top. Staying true to its roots, the car remains white with the black BOSS 302 striping package.

Inside the Mustang, you'll find a virtually stock interior, minus a smattering of performance accessories of course.

The interior follows suit with a black/charcoal grey color scheme upgraded with a Speed of Sound triple gauge pod displaying a boost gauge, oil pressure gauge, and wideband gauge, all from AEM.

IMG_2848 copy

With only a few exterior modifications, this Mustang plays a pretty evil trick- being a true wolf in sheep's clothing.

What She’s Pushing

With that much meat under the hood and enough performance upgrades to keep the competition fretting for months, one would expect the latest JPC creation to be quite the performer on the track. Of course, the car doesn’t disappoint, pushing a whopping 875 hp to the rear wheels. But the tip of the performance iceberg doesn’t stop there. 

IMG_2859 copy

Just recently, JPC took this 2013 Turbo BOSS 302 out to the track to see just what kind of quarter-mile numbers the pony could throw down.

On its first pass out, the car hit the speed traps going 139mph for a run time of just 10.212 seconds. On the second pass, the car astounded even more onlookers as it flew to the end of the track in 10.055 seconds with a top speed of 145mph. 

This 2013 Turbo BOSS 302 is one amazing car and we’re sure we haven’t seen the last of its performance feats.

For a look at the JPC BOSS in action, be sure to check out the video below! For more information on the products used in this build check out the JPC web site for the latest in hot upgrades.