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Last summer during the American Muscle car show, MMD announced they were teaming up with Chip Foose for a 2015 Mustang build. For the last few years MMD, the manufacturing arm of American Muscle, has been building a hot Mustang with AM, and then giving it away to one lucky fan.

During the last few months, MMD and Foose have been working closely together to build one bad 2015 Mustang GT. The project combines Foose’s eye for design with MMD’s manufacturing capabilities, and AM’s wide availability of parts from various manufacturers. The project features the best of everything AM has to offer, combined with Foose’s design skills.

We started by looking at the factory design language of the car itself and I really wanted to translate that into all of the parts that I designed. I didn’t want them to look like an afterthought or obviously an aftermarket part, but something you could get right from the factory. - Chip Foose

Aesthetically Foose took the lines of the 2015 and made changes that could pass as factory enhancements. “We started by looking at the factory design language of the car itself and I really wanted to translate that into all of the parts that I designed. I didn’t want them to look like an afterthought or obviously an aftermarket part, but something you could get right from the factory,” says Foose.

MMD worked closely with Foose took the sketches and Foose’s input and began building parts for the enhancements. Foose began doing sketches and emailing info back to MMD. “I had seen the 2015 Mustang in photos, but I waited until we had a car here to actually sketch it. There’s radiuses and surfaces that you can’t see in a photograph that make the design.” Eventually some of the components were created using 3D printing, and a few of them even made it to the Foose SEMA car last fall.

After SEMA, those components were 3D scanned by Foose’s team. Foose also says they clay modeled the quarter window louvers on an actual 2015 Mustang since that part wasn’t on the SEMA convertible. The information was sent to MMD, the parts were 3D printed as prototypes and to use for the car you see here. The final parts will be built by MMD, and production parts will be put on this car later in the year.

Foose says that inspiration for the parts comes from the history of Mustang, “I don’t want to do something that looks completely foreign on the car. I want something that when you see it you think you’ve seen it before, but it’s actually something new.”

Starting up front the first thing that we notice is the hood scoop. While it’s not functional, the scoop has an aggressive ram air appearance. It features a center crease that matches the factory hood line, further lending to its OEM appearance. This scoop closely resembles the one on the hood of the Foose SEMA show convertible from last fall, but this one is an add on, where that one was actually sculpted into the hood.


The hoodscoop and chin spoiler both look like they could be factory parts.

On the front of the car there’s a full chin spoiler, picking up where Ford left off, this spoiler gives a lower and meaner appearance. It’s painted body color as well, tying it in better with the car.

The rocker panels on the 2015 Mustang have been an area that we thought could use some more thought for quite some time. Foose has managed to tie the new front splitter in with the new chin spoiler by coming up with a unique set of rocker panels, also painted body color.

Like nearly every project he's involved in, Foose began with a sketch.

The side and quarter scoops are not only retro back to the 1960s and 70s, but also to SN95 and S197 Mustangs.

More additions to the side of the car include new unique quarter window louvers and side scoops. Both are classic Mustang additions going back to the 60s and 70s. Both have been seen on late model Mustangs going back to the start of the SN95 era, and they look right at home on the MMD by Foose 2015 Mustang GT.

Out back there’s a unique rear spoiler, also designed by Foose and manufactured by MMD. The spoiler pulls cues from the roof and rear bumper lines to tie the rear of the car together. It’s a nice design that doesn’t go overboard, and also has a factory style appearance.

The rear spoiler is race inspired, but not too aggressive, once again building upon the factory lines of the car.


Of course it wouldn’t be a Foose design without a set of Foose wheels. The car rides on a set of Foose 20-inch Stallion wheels wrapped in Pirelli rubber.

Past MMD builds have all included some pretty hot performance upgrades, and this car is no exception. The stock 5.0 is still under the hood, but the factory intake manifold has been replaced by a BAMA Performance 2.9 liter Whipple supercharger. The twin scroll supercharger cranks power up to 810 hp at the crank, 650 hp at the rear wheels.

This car is more than just good looks, there's a BAMA 2.9 liter Whipple supercharger under the hood to back up the go fast image of the MMD by Foose additions.

Other performance enhancements include a Magnaflow competition cat-back exhaust system. There’s also carbon-fiber driveshaft, and Driveshaft Shop half-shafts. Handling improvements and stance come from Vogtland.

The car will be given away later this summer at the American Muscle car show in Mohnton, Pennsylvania. From today through August 3, 2015, fans can go to the signup page on the America Muscle web site and enter once a day. A winner will be selected and AM will fly that lucky person to the show where they will get the keys in person.

If you aren’t the lucky winner, you can build your own version of the MMD by Foose 2015 Mustang with parts from MMD beginning this fall when they go on sale exclusively through American Muscle. The BAMA Supercharger package is already available. We asked Foose if he plans to on doing more projects with MMD, “I hope so, we’re actually working on parts for the 2010-14 cars now.” We’re hoping this is just the first of many cool MMD by Foose projects we see in the future.
Whether you win it, or you build your own, it’s undeniable, this is one good looking Mustang.