Close your eyes for a moment, now, picture a sleek black Ford Mustang sitting there. Imagine a huge, polished 671 blower with dual quads sticking out the hood. Imagine a classic 33-inch Mickey Thompson drag radial shoved under the tubed back fenders.

Sounds pretty wicked doesn’t it?

Now open your eyes and take a look at Tom McJunkin’s pony. Not what you were expecting? This is 1974 Mustang II refuses to be ignored like the most of its generation. It is one wicked, pro street machine that has been a labor of love for Tom for over almost 40 years.

On the left, the Mustang II sporting its new Crager SS wheels in 1981. On the right, the new paint job sometime in the mid-1980s.

When Tom first purchased his deuce back in 1980, it was basically stock. The car came from the factory with a V6, a four-speed manual, air conditioning, and power steering. The car served as Tom’s daily driver all through high school until he slowly started the modification process.

Tom tells us in 1981 he added Cragar SS wheels and built the stock V6, but as with most projects, that just was not enough. In the mid-’80s, he ditched the factory gold color for a custom black paint job with yellow, orange and red stripes. The V6 was also pulled out in favor of a 302 V8 with a tunnel-ram intake and dual Holley 600 carburetors. By the late ’80s, Tom had back-halved the car and the Pro Street journey had began.

The car still just needed something else. I had always wanted a supercharger on the car… — Tom McJunkin

Over the next 20 years or so, Tom’s Mustang II would continue to evolve into the Pro Street monster that it is today. Around 2000 the car was sanded down to the bare metal and painted solid black. In 2011 the 302 was pulled and replaced with the 408 stroker. At that point, Tom tells us that

“The car still just needed something else. I had always wanted a supercharger on the car so in the winter of 2016 I pulled the car apart once again,” Tom said.

While the car was apart, Tom had the car repainted by James Huff. The rest of the work, he did himself including freshening up the interior, new wheels and tires, coilovers front and rear, and of course, the heart of the beast, the new supercharged 408 stroker.

The blown 408ci small-block in Tom's Mustang II is the main attraction of this monster. Inside, it features D.S.S. pistons, H-beam rods, and a solid-lifter Comp Cam with .592 duration. A set of Edelbrock RPM Performer cylinder heads cradle the massive Dyers 671 blower and dual 750 Holley double-pumper carbs .


The interior is mostly stock except for a set of Autometer gauges, a B&M Pro Stick shifter, a GT Grant steering wheel and of course the roll cage. The back half of the interior is long gone to make room for the massive 33 inch radials, fuel cell and battery boxes.

Mustang II Mods

Engine: 408ci Ford small-block

Rearend: Ford 9-inch w/4:11 Gears

Supercharger: Dyers 671

Transmission: C4 w/ 4,000-stall converter

Just as Tom’s tag says, the end result is Jus Bad! Wherever Tom goes, the car draws a huge crown. The blower and 408 stroker can be heard coming from a block away. Add in the classic pro-street look and the uniqueness of the Mustang II and it creates a crowd favorite.

While this Mustang II is at home on the show field, Tom tells us he drives the car every chance it gets — rain or shine — this is a street machine! Although Tom admits it can be a handful in the raid with the drag radials on the back.

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