The 2009 PRI show is well over with and people are already getting ready for this year’s trade show, but we have one more thing from last year’s show we want to get out before it is too late. We had model Katie Brown outside of the powerTV booth and when she wasn’t too busy, we asked her a few questions.

The Girl: Katie Brown
Hometown: Houma, LA

The Car: 2010 Pro Stock Mustang
The Driver: Jim Cunningham

The Car: 2009 Pro Mod Dodge Stratus
The Driver: Pat Musi

The Car: 2008 Ford Mustang FR500S
The Owner: Ford Racing/ Capaldi Racing

Ross Krison Photograph

About Katie Brown

Name: Katie Brown
Hometown: Houma, LA
Hair/Eye Color: Brown/ Brown
Height: 5’4”
Measurements: 32-25-33
Occupation: Model, full-time student

Career Goals: “Well, I am currently a student at the University of Central Florida, and I am studying public relations with a minor in business. I hope to own my own PR firm someday.”

Likes/Dislikes: “I like to eat, go to the beach, listen to music and read; and I dislike roaches A LOT, negative people in general, and cold weather, I hate the cold weather.”

Current Car: “Right now I drive a ’02 Chevy Tracker, but I actually love big trucks and I would love to have like a Chevy Silverado or something like that one day.”

Jack Watson Photography

Hobbies: “My hobbies are reading, surfing at the beach.  I really don’t have much time for hobbies, I work a lot and am a full-time student.”

Favorite vacation spot: “My favorite vacation spot is anywhere near the beach or water. Wherever it is hot, you got me.”

Favorite food: “Well I am a Cajun girl, so I love my Grandma’s gumbo, love jambalaya, and pretty much anything that my Grandma makes is the best.”

Typical weekend: “My weekends are usually spent working during the day because that is when special events that I model for are going on. During the summer I am at the beach if I can be. I try to go out at night but usually it is Sunday night before I get to go out, and I prefer to go to bars over nightclubs, and just hang out.”

One thing you could not live without: “One thing I could not live without would be… probably chocolate, specifically milk chocolate, and Reese’s cups, I have one of those probably everyday.”

Describe yourself in 3 words: “Three words that describe me would be: optimistic, personable, and determined.”

Katie with Pro Stock racer and team owner Jim Cunningham

Jim Cunningham’s 2010 Pro Stock Mustang

Something you may not know about Jim’s Pro Stock Mustang: The 2010 Pro Stock Mustang comes with a carbon fiber body.  The chassis was designed by chassis builder Don Ness, Ford Racing, and Cunningham Motorsports.

Cunningham’s story with Ford Racing: Jim Cunningham has been with Ford for years, even when his Mustang could not keep up with the GM and Mopar-powered cars. After a few years of being in the back of the pack, Jim got together with Ford and decided they wanted to be back at the top again, and that is how his 2010 Mustang came about.

Jim Cunningham at the NHRA Pomona season opener

Ford Racing’s 2008 Mustang FR500S

Why this car was built: This car is #56 of only 75 that were built. They were built by Ford specifically to be entered into the Mustang Challenge for the Miller Cup. It is the first time in Ford’s history that they have produced a line of cars specifically for a race series on their assembly line.

The FR500S - Photo from Barrett Jackson

One unique thing about this car: This Mustang is unique in the fact that it has a passenger seat. Most racecars have only one seat, but this one carted around different celebrities and media personnel, so a second seat was needed.

Why they are auctioning this car off: Ford Racing & Capaldi Racing are auctioning this Mustang off at the Barrett Jackson Auctions, for the St. Jude’s Children Hospital of Memphis, Tennessee. All of the proceeds will be given straight to the hospital.

Photo from Barrett Jackson

Pat Musi’s Pro Mod Dodge Stratus

One thing you may not know about Pat’s Pro Mod: After a few races with Musi and his new Pro Mod, people began to slowly let out the name King Kong V, and once it was leaked, the Pro Mod featured a big picture of the Gorilla on both sides of the car.

Pat Musi's Pro Mod Stratus - Photo from Tony J

Musi vs. Christian: Back in ’02 legendary rivals Pat Musi and Tony Christian had a rematch that ended with Christian winning. Just recently they went at it again, this time Musi was equipped with his new Pro Mod and the tables turned. Musi won by taking two out of the three races.

Pat Musi’s awards: Pat Musi has been a Pro Street Champion 8 different times throughout his years of racing. Now with this Pro Mod, he is at it again. Pat Musi has become the first nitrous fuel injected Pro Mod to break into the 5’s on a ¼ mile track. He also holds the fastest 1/8th mile run with an ET of 3.91 @ 192 mph.

Pat Musi builds the engines in his own race cars - Photo from Tony J