It’s would seem like a “no brainer” to get our regular “Babe of the Month” column up and running at full steam a lot sooner than we have. So with that, we bring you Miss Melissa Hayes. A local to the Southern Californian Inland Empire, she’s been one of the very few of our models with some really good taste in cars. While scooting around town in her new ’10 Camaro, she secretly pines for a sweet ’68 first generation Camaro. A bit of tom boy and girly girl mixed into a sweet and sassy package, Melissa was an absolute kick to have on our photoshoot. That’s probably because she was nice enough to laugh at our jokes…

Like a light switch, we watched as Melissa bounced between sultry and coquettish glances. While toying around with the great reflection bouncing off of this brilliant silver ’57 Bel Air, we caught a bit of her sweet side.

It’s said that the ’57 Chevrolet Bel Air is possibly the greatest styling achievement ever made by the brand. Rocky Nash’s beautifully-and-yet-subtly-modified hardtop would echo that sentiment. Painted in Mercedes-Benz silver and touting a Corvette LS1 powerplant, this stately machine is anything but stodgy. Once the ad darling of the Coors Brewing Company, this slick ’57’s hue appropriately made it the official “Silver Bullet.”

The wildly customized ’34 roadster is equally Bowtie-powered with a stroked small block mouse motor sitting between the coil springs. The iconic golden yellow flames bespeak its power-to-weight ratio and the big fat treads show that this little ‘rod means business. Nash drives most all of his stellar collection and was more than happy to let Melissa slide into the driver’s seat.

Name: Melissa Hayes
Hometown: Lake Elsinore, CA
Hair/Eye Color: Brown/Blue


LAR_8672Height: 5’6”
Measurements: 37x27x33
Occupation: Model/Go Go Dancer
Career Goals: Editor for a Fashion Magazine
Dislikes: Cocky people
Likes: A guy who can make her laugh.

Hobbies: Camping, hiking
Favorite vacation spot: Beach (any)
Favorite food: Chicken parmesan
Typical weekend: hanging with friends, go clubbing in Hollywood

LAR_8701One thing you could not live without: My sunglasses
Describe yourself in 3 words: Outgoing, Happy, Driven
Background: Started modeling at age 19. Most of my experience has been in the fashion industry.
Current Car/Dream Car: ’10 Camaro/’68 Classic Camaro
Give Us One Embarrassing Secret: I am a little clumsy and one time as at a friends house and was wearing high heels. I fell down the stairs, but no one saw me. I was so embarrassed but got up and kept going.