PRI 2018: Baer Shares New Pieces For The CTS-V, S550, And Fox Body

Baer launched beefier brakes for the S550, rear brakes with smaller rotors to allow drag wheels on the CTS-V. Baer offers a Hydroboost master cylinder for Coyote-swapped Fox-body Mustangs.Read More

PRI 2018: US Shift Serves Up A Quick 6 Transmission Controller

We stopped by the US Shift booth at the 2018 PRI Show. They let us check out thier new Quick 6 transmission controller for the 6R80. Read More

PRI 2018: New Flat-Panel Dash Displays From AEM

The new AEM hoodless displays are designed for in-dash installation. The displays can be connected via OBD2 and traditional methods.Read More

PRI 2018: WireCare Offers Deutsch Connectors And Accessoires

WireCare offers everything you need for wiring your next project. The knowledgeable staff can help you figure out exactly what you need for your vehicle. Read More

PRI 2018: WireCare TechFlex Braided Sleeving Solution

TechFlex from WireCare is the perfect project to get your projects wiring under control. The braided sleeving will clean up your engine bay and wiring harness.Read More

PRI 2018: Moser Shows Off New Axle Endcaps, Coilover Conversion Kits

Moser Engineering has reaffirmed its commitment to its contingency program, launching new decals for racers for 2019. The company also has new axle endcaps and A- and G-body coilover conversation kits.Read More

PRI 2018: Aeromotive’s Trifekta Triple Pump System Goes High-HP!

Aeromotive has reached impressive horsepower heights with its triple-pump Trifekta Phantom Series fuel system. The Trifekta sports three 450 LPH pumps to match up to 2,400 horsepower in race and street vehicles.Read More

PRI 2018: C&R Advanced Cooling Technology Elite 3000 Intercooler

C&R Advanced Cooling Technology introduces the Elite 3000 Intercooler. The Elite 3000 Intercooler is rated for 100psi, and offers air-to-water cooling.Read More

PRI 2018: Tilton Sliding Pedal Assembly And ABS Master Cylinder

Tilton 800-series pedals are available with a 14-way a slid and a high-efficiency balance bar. The company's 79-series master cylinders are high-pressure motorsports ABS compatible.Read More

PRI 2018: Hot Shot’s Secret’s Adrenaline Transmission and Gear Oils

Hot Shot's Secret has come out with a line of racing lubricants that take the term "full synthetic" to another level. By using Grade IV base oil, the Adrenaline line is incredibly robust.Read More

PRI 2018: Petersen Fluid Systems Remote Mounted Oil Primer

Petersen’s remote mounted primer on display at the 2018 PRI trade show. Prevent dry-start scuffing in high compression, high performance engines. Read More

PRI 2018: Strengthen Your Mustang’s Rearend With US Gear’s Super 8.8 Gears

US Gear offers 2015 and up Mustang owners a way to add strength to their rearend with the Super 8.8 IRS gear. This gear is designed to run at the track while not being too loud on the street.Read More

PRI 2018: Classic Dash Inserts And Gauge Solutions

If you are needing a dash insert with modern gauges for your project, look no further than Classic Dash. They offer hundreds of applications with a wide variety of custom gauge packages for different vehicles. Read More

PRI 2018: ProCharger’s Gear Drive Adds Simplicity And Reliability

ProCharger's new gear drive provides a direct mechanical link between its F-series superchargers and your crankshaft. A quick-change gear set and innovative accessory drive make this gear drive stand out. Read More

PRI 2018: Ultimate Headers Fox Body Swap Headers

Ultimate Headers will soon offer headers for Coyote and LS swapped Fox Body Mustangs. These new headers incorporate all of the innovative parts that Ultimate Headers is know for. Read More

PRI 2018: Cooling Off With Flex-A-Lite’s Flex Wave Electric Fans

Flex-A-Lite is a big name in automotive cooling. We stopped by thier booth at the 2018 PRI Show to check out their all-new Flex Wave line of fans.Read More

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