The twice-a-year Pigeon Forge Rod Run in Tennessee has become famous for basically being one huge car corral. Between the actual car corral on the show grounds at the Le Conte Center and a couple miles of Pigeon Forge Strip filled with cars for sale, well, there is a little something for everyone. Now keep in mind, some of these are real world prices, but some of these are dreaming prices. So take what you see with a grain of salt, as the old saying goes. Often times you will find a good bit of trading goes on at the Rod Run, so cars are priced high for those purposes as well. Whatever the motive behind the price, we were out, camera in hand, in search of some cool Fords to dream of spending our money on at the Fall 2019 Rod Run from September 12th to 14th. Check out some of our favorites!

We all dream of answering a local newspaper ad, rolling the door back on some forgotten barn, and finding a Boss or maybe a Shelby tucked away and long forgotten - and for sale at a bargain. Well, here is your chance at that Boss barn find, minus the bargain price of course. Although at $39,500 or best offer, the car certainly is not out of range in price. With only 77,000 miles, the car was last tagged in 1992. We give it extra cool points for the Tammy Wynette 8-track tape sitting in the front seat!

Crown Vic swaps have seemingly taken the classic Ford truck market by storm. The ease of the swap and the mass availability of donor late-model police Crown Victorias has led to the popularity of this swap. This particular truck has also had the suspension and the complete interior swapped in from a Crown Vic. The interior is maybe a touch out of place in the old F100 cab, but we cannot argue with the function and comfort of it. For just $9,500 dollars, there is a ton of cruising fun to be had with this old Ford truck!

Okay, we found a barn find, we found a cool truck to cruise in, now let's talk about this race car! While there is not much info or even a price to be had with this one, it does claim 1,200 horsepower, and has the looks to back it up! We would love to be cruising the Pigeon Forge Strip in this S197!


While the strip was packed from one end to the other with hot-rods, the actual show itself was held at the Le Conte Center in the middle of Pigeon Forge. It featured tons of cool show cars, vendors, a car corral, and a swap meet. Check out our gallery at the end of this article for more photos from the show itself!

How about a low-mile Fox-body Mustang? There were a couple of nice 30,000-mile options for sale, including this pair of GTs - a 1993 and a 1985 - both up for sale. So pick your poison: four-eyed or aero nose? Maybe both?

Now that you've bought all this sweet Ford muscle, you'll need something to tow it home with. Rod Run always has some cool and unique trucks for sale - how about one of these? Top: We have all seen our share of early F-series trucks, but when is the last time you saw a Siebert? The Siebert was based on the Sedan Delivery body, but outfitted for people hauling. Most of the time, it was used as either a hearse or an ambulance. The later is the case with this 1950 F1 Siebert. It spent most of its life hauling injured coal miners in Pennsylvania. The truck has less than 8,000 miles on it, and appears to be in near-perfect original condition. Bottom: The Centurion company made conversion Ford trucks all through the '90s. One of its more popular conversions was the "Bronco F250." Basically, it does just what you would think - it gives the rear of the F250 and F350 Bronco styling. Think of it as an early Excursion, if you will. These seem to pop up on the internet from time to time, but seeing one in person is pretty rare. This would definitely make a cool tow pig! It's just too bad that it's not a Powerstroke!

Check out our huge album for everything Ford from the 2019 edition of the Fall Pigeon Forge Rod Run!

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