We headed down to Commerce, Georgia, on a Sunday to visit Atlanta Dragway for a special test and tune day for the 2018 edition of Hot Rod Drag Week. This a weeklong battle takes participants to four different drag strips over the course of five days at 1,000-plus miles of highway driving.

From store bought to home-built, the variety of trailers you see at Drag Week is pretty wild. Not only do the styles vary, but the parts on the varies as well. While some competitors have what appears to be everything but a spare engine block, others seem to be more worried about coolers and grills — and we can’t say that we blame them. The most unique trailer of the week award has to go to the fishing boat above. With the hurricane that was in the forecast for the week, it might also be the smartest idea of the bunch.

That is right, no big fancy stackers or trailers here, these cars have to be driven from event to event and all tools, parts, tires, etc., must be hauled either in the car or on a small trailer attached to the car. This makes the event quite the rolling freak show going down the highway.

For more of the cool Blue Oval competitors, check out our gallery of the Fords at Drag Week 2018 in Georgia.

The weapon of choice for Drag Week 2018 seemed to be the Fox-chassis cars — not necessarily just Mustangs. Fairmonts, LTDs, wagons and whatever guys could get their hands on to hop up was on hand for Drag Week. Our favorite? Easily this gold, Coyote-swapped Fairmont!

2018 Drag Week Schedule

September 8-9: Atlanta Dragway

September 10: Darlington Dragway

September 11: Zmax Dragway

September 12: Bristol Dragway

September 13: Atlanta Dragway

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