Once again the NMRA (National Mustang Racing Association) rolled into Commerce, Georgia and Atlanta Dragway for its traditional second stop of the six race season with the NMCA (National Muscle Car Association) in tow for the 11th Annual NMRA/NMCA All Star Nationals. Of course we were on hand in search of the baddest Ford muscle on the property and as usual, NMRA did not disappoint. Known mostly for its drag racing, the NMRA/NMCA events always have a very solid car show with some of the best cars in the country in attendance. While our friends across the hall at Dragzine handled most of the drag racing coverage (see the article HERE), we searched the property camera-in-hand for our favorite Fords and finally narrowed it down to our top five favorites, but do not forget to check out the gallery at the end because the ones that did not make the cut are just as impressive!

#5 Beefcake Racing S550

It would not feel right writing at article about at NMRA race without involving at least one race car in our Top Five. So coming in at number five is Terry “Beefcake” Reeves of Beefcake Racing’s nasty fast Vortech-blown 2018 S550 Mustang. Terry was running the Open Comp class over the weekend, which is a bracket style racing class. Terry’s dial-in e.t. was 9.11. Unfortunately, Terry lost out in round one of eliminations, running about a half second off his dial-in number.

Terry "Beefcake" Reeve's blue S550 has not only the looks of a wicked fast drag car but the power to back it up. This Vortech-fed Coyote is easily capable of 1/4-mile passes in the mid 9's all day long.


#4 Cleanly Modified 2008 Bullitt

When in comes to specialty Mustangs like this black Bullitt, Mach 1’s, Cobra, etc, there is always the discussion of whether or not to modify the cars and how much is too much? Some people leave them stock, while others go over board with them. It seems that seldom do we run across one that is just right. Steve Tuberman’s 2008 Bullitt is a great example of what we would call just right. The car features some subtle modifications such as a nice black set of SVE wheels, aftermarket tail lights and a few other modifications that make this Bullitt just modified enough to stand out above the rest. Great job Steve!

#3 Amazing Red F100

Dustin and Natalie Williams’ 1968 Ford F100 is one of the cleanest we have saw in a long time. Featuring a killer stance and a huge modern set of classic white steel wheels draws your attention from across the parking lot. Once you get to this amazing red beauty, you are not disappointed. This truck is clean from one end to the other.

This truck proves that simple is more. The exterior still features all the factory trim and emblems. The interior is simple, just a black bench seat, nothing fancy. Under the hood, a nice hue of semi-gloss black mixed with a clean set of valve covers and an air cleaner all finished off in a nice silver. A Wilwood master cylinder and serpentine belt system hint at the built-in drive-ability in this amazing classic.

#2 1 of 1 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler

It was probably the beautiful Competition Green that first brought our attention to Shane Bryant’s 1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler, but the amazing documentation and rarity of this car kept us there. Not to mention its spectacular condition. It’s easy to see why this Cylcone Spoiler has taken home awards everywhere it has went.

1 of 1631 Spoilers produced in 1970. 1 of 101 in Competition Green. 1 of 16 with hideaway headlights. 1 of 6 with a 3.50 rear axle. 1 of 5 with an AM radio. And 1 of 1 with no console delete. All backed up by the Marti Report and original window sticker. And that does not even mention the legendary 429 Cobra Jet under the hood!

#1 Sinister Black 428 Fairlane

From early on walking the show field, this was the first car that really caught our eye. We searched for two days for something we liked better but never found it. So here it is, number one on our list. Anthony Guillebeau’s black 1966 Ford Fairlane. Besides the ocean deep black paint, the vintage Holman Moody front tag and legendary 428 emblem on the front fender beg for your attention. The rest of the car is true to form. A simple red bench seat, manual floor-shifted transmission and a period-correct, yet modernly sized set of wheels round out the look of this black beauty.

Every corner and every piece of this Fairlane is well thought out and very clean. One look at this car and it is easy to see why it went number one on our list!

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