Launched this fall and new for the 2013 from Fidanza are these new Qwik-Rev flywheel and clutch combo kits, designed for the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, and the Corvette.The Qwik-Rev’s are available in two differing disc packages: the V1 (which is on display here at IMIS) and the upgraded V2.

It really comes down to much torque converter you need. – Ed Burgy

The V1 features a sprung hub and a solid organic disc design for high performance street use, while the V2 takes it to the next level with a six-puck ceramic disc for higher horsepower and torque street and race applications. The discs have replaceable friction surfaces, making them infinitely rebuildable — a huge plus for racers who need to perform maintenance at the track. The kits include Fidanza’s 6061 T-6 billet aluminum flywheel, clutch disc, the V1 or V2 disc, upgraded pressure plate, throwout bearing, and an alignment tool.

The bonus to this new package is that by ordering the combo kit with the aluminum flywheel and the V1 or V2 kit, theress just one part number to work with, and the matched set brings with it a savings in price. Savings is always a great thing.

Of course, on the performance side of things, you get better acceleration, quick throttle response, better braking, and increased clutch efficiency with either of these packages.

The two disc packages utilize the same clutch pressure plate, with the difference coming down to the organic versus six-puck disc and their inherent abilities to perform and handle horsepower. “It really comes down to much torque converter you need,” explains Fidanza’s Ed Burgy.

The capability of these clutch packages was put on fine display this year, as NMRA racer Carlos Sobrino powered his way to the Factory Stock championship utilizing a product just like the one you can buy in his 10-second Mustang.

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