Back in September, we published an in-depth feature story on Canton Racing Products and their new Ford 5.0L Coyote engine efforts, centering around a pair of “kit” pans for engine swaps in both a front and rear sump configuration, along with an OEM replacement version perfect for proving improved oiling to the 2011-13 Ford Mustangs.

Following the design and development phase, Canton began rolling these pans out to the market mid-year, beginning with the OEM piece and later and the two “kit” models. Around the time our article hit the digital magazine rack in September, Canton released the Rear Sump Road Race pan that you see here, marking the final piece of the puzzle in this three-pan offering for the wildly popular Coyote motors.

Canton is offering this rear sump pan in both a street and race version, with the same outer dimensions shared between the two, minus the four trap door baffling system on the street version that the road race model sports for the extreme driving conditions of high speed cornering.

This pan has a T-sump design with extra capacity that doesn’t sacrifice ground clearance. It also features a removable tray and has pickup provisions ready out of the box. The pan can be mated with the stock pickup.

Keeping size in mind for any variety of swaps into earlier model Mustangs, other Ford models, or even street rods, the Canton kit pan measures five inches in depth, which is a great improvement over the 6-5/8-inch depth of the stock oil pan.

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