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Road Blog: Mustang Week with Team Mustang Girls



Photo courtesy of dkfx photography

Fresh off of Rally North America [3], Team Mustang Girls [4] headed to Mustang Week [5], what’s another 100 miles after driving 5,000?

Courtney Barber arrived at the Myrtle Beach Speedway [6] Wednesday night to find Vaughn Gittin Jr [7] giving rides to some lucky contest winners. The skill and precision of each run was amazing to watch as Gittin guided his high powered Mustang around the track.
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Next up was the SVT Performance [10] Burnout contest. Courtney had initially been talked into joining the contest. Later she had second thoughts. This was more of a drifting, doughnut, burnout, break your car kind of contes, prompting Courtney to spectate insteadt. The winners were definitely pros at this sort of thing.
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Thursday started out with a dyno contest. [15]The noise inside the tent was loud enough that Courtney only snapped one picture. Next year ear plugs will be on the list of things to pack.
After the contest vendors started setting up their booths and the number of Mustangs continued to grow. Veterans of the show kept saying how Thursday was more of a set up day and  the amount of Mustangs already in attendance was a definite sign that the 10th year was going to be bigger than ever before!
Friday -Let the Fun Begin
[16]Friday morning Courtney rolled up to the BF Goodrich [17] booth to display her car. In the process of detailing the car to make it presentable when one of the guys showed her the greatest trick ever, Scrubbing Bubbles! No they weren’t asking her to clean the bathroom, it was for the tires. After getting nowhere with the tire cleaner one spray of the Scrubbing Bubbles and the dirt was dripping off. They looked brand new again!
After the mind blowing bubble moment Courtney ventured out to see the show. Every body style, year, and color combination you could imagine was represented here.
Courtney’s favorite Stangs for the day were the Mashburn’s ’69 Mach 1 and Ed Crosswhite’s ’70 convertible. The Mach 1 had a special story and has been in Carolyn Mashburn’s family since 1970. Her father bought the car from the original owner. He gave the beauty to Carolyn after she graduated high school and she has been driving it ever since. 
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[22]Later on Courtney headed back to the BFG booth to hand out some goodies provided by her sponsors. There were tons of families in attendance with “don’t touch” frequently coming from parents.
That’s when Courtney decided to give the kids something to remember. She opened up the door and changed the car into a photo booth. The children’s faces lit up when they finally got to touch something! Their reactions proved once again how the Mustang is an ageless icon.
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Saturday the show was in full swing with a line of cars waiting to get in before the 10am opening. Courtney was back in the BFG booth with the car bright and early and was determined to get some good pictures early before everything filled up.
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Next stop was the SVT booth to check out the new 2015 Mustang. Kevin Tetz [31] also happened to be there with “Jaded [32]“, his ’66 Mustang. While they were talking someone came up and asked if the car was for sale and Courtney was shocked to hear him give out a number. That would be like parting with a family member for her!  After that she did her best to convince him to make the ’66 his daily driver.
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[35]Making her way though the crowds Courtney stopped at the TMI [36] booth to discuss a new headliner after the Edward Scissorhand moments on Rally North America. Waylon Krumrie was very helpful and there’s a one piece headliner that won’t smack you in the head at high speeds in Team Mustang Girls future!
Later a shirt at Charleston Performance Solution [37] caught Courtney’s eye, “Built, Not Bought” and she had to make a stop. While she was there she met another local female Mustang enthusiast, Lori who you will be seeing soon on Mustang Girl Monday [38].
After completing the loop Courtney headed back to the BFG booth which was on the front strip of the mall. Most Mustang Week regulars are familiar with this area.
[39]It’s where weak-minded attendees show off in front of the crowd. Throughout the week it grew to be a gathering point for many to watch the show or gamble with your life. In the right environment spinning tires and burnouts are fun but this reminded Courtney more of the Monster Truck crash [40] back in 2013 in Mexico.
After several accidents which involved one of the MENSA candidates hitting a non Mustang vehicle the scariest moment of the week happened. A guy lost control of his car after showing off and was headed towards the crowd. Fortunately the car bounced off the curb unlike the 2 previous accidents involving the median.
People were jumping out of the way but if the curb hadn’t stopped the car something horrible certainly would’ve happened. And where did those people who jumped out of the way go? Right back to the curb to watch the next car speed by.  Kind of gives you a vision of the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz singing If I only Had a Brain right? Rant over, but it had to be said.
All in all, Mustang Week was a blast. The variety of cars and people all together in a happy beach town makes for a great combination. This was Courtney’s first time to the show but it will now be on the calendar yearly! 
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Team Mustang Girls would like to thank BF Goodrich [45], Speed Direct [46]Kicker [47], Badcock Apparel [48]Scott Drake [49]Impact Image Group [50]Old Air Products [51],Performance Plus Connection [52],Bert’s Market [53] and National Parts Depot [54].