Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and the surrounding towns are well known for their great car shows and this year’s F100 Reunion easily lived up to that high standard. On May 16-18th over 500 trucks packed the house at the Le Conte Center both inside and out along with dozens of vendors with both new and used Ford truck parts. The seemingly perfect late spring “Chamber Of Commerce” style weather the area is famous for added to the mix to make for a perfect day to check out some of the coolest Fords in the country. Check out our top five trucks from the event as well as a huge gallery at the end!

5. Grandfather To A Modern Day Legend

In today’s truck world, every Ford guy either owns or wishes they owned an F250. The now legendary Powerstroke Diesel engine has put our beloved 3/4 ton pickup truck option on top of the world. So much in fact that when you say F250, people automatically assume diesel. What most people do not realize is that these work horses have been around for years. In today’s truck world, many of the F250’s never see one minute work, let alone hard work, but back in the ’60s and ’70s, if you ordered an F250, you were putting it to work. Sadly, most of them were worked to an early death, then taken to the junkyard. Rarely do you ever see one still on the road, let alone restored to pristine condition. Danny Visser’s 1967 F250 Camper Special is one of the finest vintage F250’s we have laid our eyes on in a long time. It’s great to see one of these vintage work horses still on the road today!

Danny Visser's F250 is equipped with all its original heavy-duty equipment including the 352ci V8 engine, C6 transmission, and Dana 60 rearend. This 1967 was bought new by Danny's grandfather Lambert Visser and has remained in the family ever since.


4. Clean and Simple 1969

Chris Smith’s white 1969 is clean, simple and beautiful. Nothing flashy, nothing too fancy, just a nice shade of white, a modern sized but period-correct looking wheel, and gorgeous red interior. Oh not to mention, a 347 stroker under the hood mated to a manual transmission. Chris’ truck screams: “get in, lets go for a long drive.” Leaving the only question to be, when do we leave?

3. Boss 9 F100

Yeah, Boss 9 as in Boss 429. Need we really say more? This Boss 429 shoved in the F100 of Lee and Lana Smith of Broadway, Virginia is one nasty looking pickup truck. From the legendary Boss 429 up front to a massive tire shoved under the rear tubs out back, this truck screams nasty.

The Boss 429 is an engine so rare you hardly ever see them in anything other than a Mustang or an old NASCAR chassis. So to see one in a truck is ultra cool. The surrounding package is not so bad either!

2. Modern Early F1

John Arranddale’s take on the classic early F1 body style is an absolute home run. With a custom front spoiler and fascia, shaved emblems and chrome, and side exhaust tucked just under the running boards, giving this 1950 a modern “race truck” look. Not to mention the truck having the heart of a Mustang GT500 massaged under the hood. This is one truck we would defenietly love to get some seat time in!

1. One Wicked Panel

How do you be different in a world of pickup trucks? Build a panel truck of course! David and Jeane Hudson did not just build any old panel truck though, they turned this 1956 into not only a work of art, but a monster on the highway. Finished in beautiful Avalanche Grey, the truck is chock full of go-fast goodies straight out of a GT500 Mustang – all molded together to make one beautiful ride.

GT500 drivetrain, wheels, even the snake emblems on the fenders, the owners of this 1956 Ford panel truck did a great job molding classic with modern to make one eye catching ride!

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