On the first Sunday of every month, just before dawn, the streets of metro Atlanta fill with the sounds of exotics, muscle cars both old and modern, imports, and everything in between. What is the occasion? It’s Caffeine & Octane and we were on the scene last weekend for the March event.

According to the event website, it’s the largest monthly car meet in North America and from the 2,000-plus cars they pack into the Perimeter Mall parking lot, we would say that is an accurate statement! These early morning, cruise-in-style car events have been taking the country by storm over the past few years.

There was certainly no shortage of classic Ford muscle on hand at the event!


Similar events have popped up in cities big and small all over. However, there’s nothing quite like Caffeine & Octane. A half dozen or so specific lots greet you as your drive onto the property. Porsche Corner, The Lamborghini Lot, The Feature Car Lot, The Classic Lot, the list goes on. It is in these lots that you will see some of the nicest cars in the country on display for everyone to ogle. This however is just the beginning.

From stock to wild, the Focus crew had a little bit of everything on display.

Across the street is where the meat and potatoes of the show resides. This section is where car clubs arrive an hour or so before daylight to secure parking spots all in a row to display there machines. Twenty, 30, sometimes 40 cars at a time. This is where you will see rows of Ford Mustangs. From bone stockers to the new GT350s to highly customized drift ’Stangs and everything in between. In the next row, the Ford Focus group is out in force, beyond that, another row of Mustangs.

YouTube star "ThatDudeinBlue" David Patterson pulling into his spot in the feature lot.

YouTube star “ThatDudeinBlue” David Patterson pulling into his spot in the feature lot.

By the next row, you’ve almost forgot you’re awake. This must be a dream! All of this Ford muscle in one spot? Then suddenly, the unique rev of an exotic pulling into the front lot brings you back to reality. This is Caffeine & Octane. This is one of the largest car gatherings in North America, and if you get a chance to check one out, we highly recommend it. The next event is scheduled for March 17-19 in Jekyll Island, Georgia.


A Ford GT roams the feature lot among the other exotics.

A Ford GT roams the feature lot among the other exotics.

A mean-looking, first-gen Lightning along with a sweet Super Duty fit right in among the cars. This variety is part of what makes this event so diverse.

One of our personal favorites of the event was this 1988 Turbo Thunderbird.

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