With plenty of Florida sunshine and a crisp morning breeze, the historic Edison & Ford Winter Estates welcomed visitors to marvel at one of Henry’s most notable automobiles — the Mustang. Situated at the mouth of the Gulf of Mexico in beautiful Fort Myers, Florida, the estates boast manicured grounds and historical buildings, making this waterfront location an ideal destination to host the 2018 Edison Ford Auto Exhibitions.

The historic Thomas Edison & Henry Ford Estates make the perfect backdrop for one of Ford's most popular cars, the Mustang.

Hosting more than a quarter million visitors yearly, these estates are more than just a destination for sightseers and the ideal spot for a car show. It is here that Edison and Ford hosted mutual friend Harvey Firestone. With assistance from friends Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, Harvey built and developed the rubber which would one day serve as the foundation for the Firestone tire company.

Participants arrived early to take their place among banyan trees and the blue waters of Florida’s west coast.

On March 3, the exhibition was dedicated to the Mustang. A steady stream of owners and enthusiast, many with out of state license plates, filled the grounds still dominated by the huge Ficus trees planted by Edison, Ford, and Firestone during the time of their quest to find a viable domestic source of rubber (latex) to grow in the region. Local and distant Mustang clubs were well represented with gleaming examples of Ford’s storied pony car.

Mustangs of all years quickly filled the lawns at an appropriate setting for a Mustang show, the Edison & Ford Winter Estates.

Show-goers were free to explore the grounds including Ford’s cottage, Edison’s laboratory, the award-winning gardens, and the on-site museum. Those looking for respite from the activities welcomed the chance to enjoy the dining and shopping also located on the grounds.

Mustang enthusiasts of every inclination could find something to their liking with virtually every year present at the show.

Held on more than 25 acres of waterfront, it’s easy to see why this wasn’t your typical car show. The Edison & Ford estate is one of the top 10 historical properties in the country and hosts events of significance year round. It is a must for any Ford enthusiast whether there is a show or not, but the show made it even better.


Giving credence to Ford’s slogan “The car designed to be designed by you,” pony cars of all colors, configurations and eras were well-represented at the estates. From early six-bangers and Shelbys to highly modified present-day examples, there was something for every taste. With a steady crowd of visitors touring the property, many eagerly took the opportunity to appreciate the cars and speak with their owners throughout the day.

This beautiful ’64 1/2 six-banger looked right at home with the late-models on hand.

Of course, it’s likely the estates will host more exhibitions next year, so stay tuned to its official site right here for future show announcements.

Young and old enjoyed the scenery and auto display at Edison & Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers, Florida.

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