The Pigeon Forge Rod Run is the twice a year (once in the spring, once in the fall) automotive event that brings tens of thousands of automotive enthusiasts to the popular tourist town of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The seemingly perfect spot for a car show of this size. With mile of strip to cruise, tons of roadside parking, and the beautiful Le Conte Center which hosts the actual official car show. Not to mention hundreds of different lodging options between hotels and cabins in the area. Naturally, with all of these amenities Pigeon Forge Rod Run draws out its fair number of cool Ford muscle to the event. We were on hand in search of the coolest of the cool and once again, the Rod Run did not disappoint! Check out or top five favorites as well as a large gallery at the end!

#5- Pro Street Ranger

The first Ford on our list gives you a taste of something unique but a sample of something very familiar with Rod Run. At least 3/4’s of the cars and trucks here sport a for sale or trade sign. Some have realistic prices while others display more Barrett-Jackson style dreams rather than prices. Either way, it makes for great window shopping! The owner of this 2002, V8-swapped Ford Ranger is hoping to get $16,500 for his truck. There are not many trucks like this on the market to compare it to, but the truck is definitely a cool piece!

The real highlight of the Rod Run is cruising the Pigeon Forge strip. Whether as a participant or a roadside spectator, there is always something cool and unique to look at. From daylight until one or two in the morning people cruise back and fourth setting the atmosphere and creating the sound track for the event!


#4- Shelby Daytona Coupe

The Shelby Cobra is one of the most popular cars of all time, from the originals that bring world record prices to the thousands of recreations roaming the streets. Mr. Shelby’s creation is arguably one of the most popular sports cars of all time. However, with 99% of the originals and recreations alike being roadsters, anytime we run across a “Daytona Coupe,” we always take notice! We ran across this one early Friday morning at Rod Run. Presumably a replica, we could not locate the owner for many details. Here is what we do know. Only six original Daytona Coupes were built in hopes of raising the top speed capabilities of the program on the legendary Mulsanne Straight at the 24 Hours Of Le Mans race in France. So replica or not, this is one cool car!

Rod run is all about selling cars. There is a little something for everyone for sale along the strip! Here are four cool Fords we would have loved to have hauled home with us!

#3- Lance Cunningham Ford Trucks

While Lance Cunningham is a name more synonymous with selling new Roush Mustangs, he brought out two classic early ’90s Ford trucks for everyone to see at Rod Run. On the left, a 1995 short bed F150 with a 5.0L engine and a manual transmission. On the right, a 1996 Eddie Bauer Edition Ford Bronco. Both trucks are very tastefully modded and both are in immaculate condition. These ’90s Ford trucks are showing up in force at classic car shows around the country as of late; are they the next big thing?

Both trucks are equipped with 4-inch Stryker Off Road Lifts and 33-inch tires, giving them just the right off road ready look without loosing too much street function.


#2- ’29 Ford Model A

We could not put together a Rod Run top five list without at least one traditional street rod in it! This 1929 Ford Model A is a unique and well built rod that would find itself at home in the top five of most any show it could attend! Hand-built by Dohrmann Custom Automotive in Minnesota, this Model A features nothing but the best. The most important part for us here at Ford Muscle is that all Blue Oval powerplant. The car features a 351 that has been bored and stroked out to a 427ci making 485 horsepower. The power is put to the ground through an AOD automatic transmission and a Ford 9-inch rearend.

While this Model A features a ton of top notch parts and features, it is that legendary 427 designation atop that Blue Oval engine that really gets us excited! Making almost 500 horsepower on pump gas, this has to be one wicked little street rod!

#1- V8 Interceptor Cougar

If you watch much automotive television you are probably familiar with Stacey David, and if you are familiar with Stacey David you are definitely familiar with this sweet Mercury Cougar that he built. Known as the “V8 Interceptor,” Stacey and his Cougar were the centerpiece for the 2018 Fall Pigeon Forge Rod Run. This car is top notch from one end to the other. The suspension features a custom independent front suspension, a Ford 9-inch out back along with tons of polished and top notch goodies in between. Six-piston Wilwood disc brakes handle the stopping duties. At the heart of the Cougar is a Jon Kaase Racing 528 cubic-inch Boss Nine, the baddest of the bad Ford big-block known to man. The engine breaths via an ultra-cool 8 stack EFI system and produced 830 horsepower. Stacey himself was on hand during the weekend signing autographs and talking about his wicked 1967 Mercury Cougar to all who wanted to listen!

Stacey David of GearZ TV and his 1967 Mercury Cougar, the "V8 Interceptor" were easily the highlight and centerpiece of the show. Davd's 800+ horsepower Boss Nine powered Mercury is simply a work of art. Featuring plenty of "Cougar Cousin" Mustang inspired go-fast parts, all while maintaining that luxury styling synonymous with the Mercury Cougar.

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