Every August, alongside the Mountain High BBQ Festival in Franklin, North Carolina, the Southwestern Community College Automotive Class hosts its annual car show to help raise money for its scholarship program. While the show is open to all makes and models, we were only concerned about any cool Fords that might be in attendance. Check out what we found!

So, let's face it guys. Any time you can get your significant other involved in this crazy car hobby, it is a win. Lyman Holland, the owner of this beautiful 1969 Mach 1 Mustang has managed to do just that. We have come across Mr. Holland's four-speed Mach 1 at several shows before, but now he has another Pony along for the ride: his wife, Eileen Holland's gorgeous orange 1966 coupe. Lyman and Eileen picked up her Mustang back in March at Ponies In the Smokies in Tennessee, and have been enjoying them together ever since. Lyman's Mach 1 is powered by the original 351 Windsor, while Eileen's coupe still has the original 200 ci six-cylinder in it. Both are very nice original examples, and both win awards wherever they go!

It's not often that you see two nearly identical cars at the same car show, let alone two rare Shelby Mustangs. Larry Allgood and Charlie Cristiana met through their respective 1 of 215 Shelby GT-Cs, and have since become friends. They attend many events in the area, showing off "The Twins". The Shelby GT-C is very similar to the more abundant Shelby GT Mustang. These cars were ordered special from Shelby through Ford dealerships in California and the surrounding areas. The main difference between these cars and their Shelby GT brothers is the color. You could only get a Shelby GT-C in Grabber Orange, while the regular Shelby GTs came in white, blue, or silver.

Our second his and hers collection of the event belongs to Cosby and Marilyn Chastain. While their black Ford-powered 1934 three-window coupe has been finished for a few years now, the little red 1963-1/2 Falcon is making its debut this show season. Like the '34, it is stunning, with incredible attention to detail from one end to the other. Seeing a couple enjoy a pair of awesome Fords together never gets old!

Be sure and check out our gallery for all the other cool Fords in attendance!

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