Last month we were in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for the twice a year event known as The Pigeon Forge Rod Run. If you missed our original article, you can check it out here. While we were there, we paid specific attention to the many Fords for sale along “The Strip” and at the event itself at the Le Conte Center with the hopes of giving you, the reader, an in-depth and on-location look at some market values of some of your favorite Ford Muscle products. Check out some of our favorites below as well as a large gallery full of photos at the end!

The Project

We are always on the look out for our next cool project vehicle. This 1968 F600 was our pick of the event. This thing is so unique and different, anyway you chose to build it would be an eye catcher for sure. The rare four door cab is sitting on an F350 chassis and running gear. With an asking price of six thousand dollars, we would love to load this one on our trailer and take it home.

The extra wide front fenders on the F600 body provide a cool "fat fender" look more common in the late '40s and early '50s F100 trucks. If we had our way with it, those fenders would be a great place to stuff a five hundred plus cubic inch big-block Ford engine in between!


The Classic

In a town full of classic muscle cars, this black beauty stood out above the rest. This 1969 Ford Torino Cobra was everything that is classic Ford muscle. The car was a matching numbers, factory 428 Cobra Jet car, making it one of the rarest and most desirable Torinos in the country.

With an asking price of fifty thousand dollars, we are afraid this Torino was well out of our budget. Whoever the lucky buyer ended up being, they got to take home one super nice muscle car.

Modern Muscle

With all of the cool modern muscle coming from Detroit, the next generation of collector cars have the potential to be huge. With all of the special editions and cool models out there, the real question remains, what should we invest in for the future? Low production? Low mileage? Something cool? Something rare? Unfortunately, we do not know what the answer is. Of all the cars at the Pigeon Forge Rod Run this year, we felt like this black 2004 Saleen was a nice investment piece. Saleen’s themselves seem to hold their value very well and this one was a rare 1-of-6 six-speed car for 2004. Low mileage and a factory supercharger also add to the value.

The Odd Ball

You can always count on the Pigeon Forge Rod Run to turn up some cool and unique rides for sale. Our pick this year has to go to this one of none, Ford Ranger convertible. This build did not stop there though, a 4.6 liter V8 swap has also been done to the Ranger out of a police Crown Victoria as well as an 8.8-inch rearend with disc brakes all the way around. For just eighty five hundred dollars, there is a lot of fun to have with this unique piece!

Check out our gallery below for all the cool Ford cars and trucks for sale at the Spring 2019 Pigeon Forge Rod Run!

Photo gallery