NMCAFontana-051One of our regular field trips that we get to make is a local dragstrip in Fontana where we often catch the NMCA races held there throughout the racing season. The VP Racing Fuels NMCA WEST season brought the heat to Fontana again, and though we just spent the day Friday for Test and Tune, there was plenty of competition and excitement to preface the weekend that followed.


Losquadro’s Nova sitting in the pits as he contemplates what to change to get closer to his index time.

Test and Tune is just what it sounds like; racers bring their cars out and spend the day making runs, trying to hit their index, and then between rounds making whatever adjustments they need to make to dial in another tenth of a second or more. This can include anything from changing spark plugs to changing jets, or adjusting the timing to making changes to the suspension to get a better launch.

Jim Losquadro brought his 1964 Nova out to Fontana, and with a 10.4 dial-in he was trying to figure out how to get his Chevrolet down the track a little quicker. He didn’t make it to the finals, based on the results below, but he definitely was one of the nicer rides out on the track.

Smoking the hides in the burnout box.

Roush Enterprises, Inc., brought out a pair of propane-powered Mustangs to compete for the weekend. Yessir, propane drag racing.


Propane power gets this Mustang from Roush down the track, pretty impressive.

One of the cars they brought was a 2010 Mustang delivered to Susan Roush-McClenaghan in body-in-white trim. This trim is done specifically to be built for racing by the new owner. While many competitors are running racing fuel, can propane be competitive?

We asked Roush-McClenaghan about propane and she told us, “We’ve done comparison tests in the past using VP C14 fuel, which is a 114-octane rated fuel. The power numbers were the same as using propane, so that’s what we stuck with.” As we start to see more and more experiments with various fuels and combinations, you can bet the Roush Mustangs will be turning a few heads and giving other drivers something to think about.


Friday was filled with smoke as we captured some of the coolest burnouts and caught drivers reflecting on their first trip down the 1320 that day, and with very few minor incidents the track stayed fairly busy throughout the day.


Wheels in the air seemed to be the theme on Friday.

We have all of the race results for the full event below, followed by a huge gallery from Test and Tune on Friday.

Energy Suspension NMCA WEST Street Car Nationals Race Results

Garrett Pro Mod: Winner - Rick Snavely; Runner-Up - Greg Seth-Hunter
Mickey Thompson True Ten 5: Winner - Johnny Coleman; Runner-Up - Lonnie Patrick
ProCharger Street Outlaw: Winner - Ryan Jones; Runner-Up - Armen Maghdessian
Lucas Oil N/A 10.5: Winner - Tony Aneian; Runner-Up - Vic Brum
ARP Outlaw 8.5: Winner - Dan Hale; Runner-Up - Erick Aldrich
Hedman Hedders Nostalgia Street Car: Winner - Charlie Jorgensen; Runner-Up - James Ferguson
MMR Mustang Madness: Winner - Ron Mihld; Runner-Up - Greg Dreher
Champion Cooling Pro Comp: Winner - Dave Gotts; Runner-Up - Hank Pramov
SCAT Open Comp: Winner - Justen Spencer; Runner-Up - Mike Nordahl
Calvert Racing Quick Street: Winner - Jeff Interlicchia; Runner-Up - DJ Houmard
Edelbrock Super Quick: Winner - Dustin Lee; Runner-Up - Katelyn Whynaught
Vortech Superchargers True Street: Winner - Bryan Corey; Runner-Up - Dan Geiss
Vortech Superchargers True Street 10 Second Winner: AJ Narasimhan
Vortech Superchargers True Street 11 Second Winner: Ed Urcis
Vortech Superchargers True Street 12 Second Winner: Michael Santa Cruz
Vortech Superchargers True Street 13 Second Winner: Bill Quay
Vortech Superchargers True Street 15 Second Average Winner: Nichole George
NMCA WEST Fontana Bracket Series Edelbrock Super Pro B1 : Winner - Mark Miyashiro; Runner-Up - Kevin Houmard
NMCA WEST Fontana Bracket Series Edelbrock Pro B2: Winner - Ryan Houmard; Runner-Up - Jeff Interlicchia
NMCA WEST Fontana Bracket Series Edelbrock Sportsman B3: Winner - Willie Hoefer; Runner-Up - Jack Swanson

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