The Shelby GT350R is more than just a good-looking car. It’s built to perform on the street and the track. One of the key features of the R-code Shelby is its carbon fiber wheels, which drop 60 pounds from the car and add to its ability to hug the track and drive with more agility than the standard GT350. The tires are also a little more aggressive than those on the standard GT350 and give it a better grip on the asphalt.

Driving a GT350R is the dream of many modern muscle enthusiasts. Unfortunately, due to price constraints that’s not a possibility for us all. Fortunately, this video by Adam Harris gets you just about as close to that experience as possible.

(Photo Credit: Adam Harris)

Watch the video and listen to that exhaust! It’s a thrill to hear the engine rev while Adam take corners around the track. You may not get to feel the G-forces going around corners, but it sure is fun to watch.