Hasta La Vista, Baby! VMP Showcases New Gen3 TVS Upgrades for Cobras

The new VMP Gen3 2.65L TVS Supercharger is an upgrade for the Cobra’s factory Eaton M112 supercharger. Dyno testing has shown gains of 100-550+ rwhp gain.Read More

Pony Wars: 2019 Rules & Updates – 3 Cars, 3 Separate Build Teams

Pony Wars 2019 features 3 cars and 3 build teams. A few other rule changes will make for an interesting match-up in 2019, including testing at MATS.Read More

K&N’s Electronic Carburetor Injection Offers New-School Reliability

K&N has been at the forefront of filter technology for years. Now they've created something specifically for carburetors and cold starts. Check it out!Read More

GForce Overhauls Its Track-Ready Axle Lineup for 2019

Fear no more, high horsepower builds! With the industry’s largest diameter and strongest axle bars, their flagship Outlaw axle is said to withstand even the most extreme applications.Read More

American Racing Debuts New Split Five-Spoke Wheel For S550 Mustang

American Racing introduces a new split five-spoke modern muscle car wheel. The 20-inch AR932 Splitter is an ideal choice for S550 Mustang enthusiasts. Read More

2020 GT500 Gets Heritage-Inspired Grabber Lime for St. Patrick’s Day

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Ford unveiled the latest color for the 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500: a heritage-inspired Grabber Lime. Read More

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Drifts A Cloverleaf In A 900HP Mustang RTR

Vaughn Gittin Jr. made one of his dreams come true just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. He drifted his 900-horsepower Mustang RTR around a set of cloverleaf highway ramps in Texas.Read More

Video: AmericanTrucks Reviews and Dynos 2019 Ford Ranger

AmericanTrucks shows us the newest vehicle in the AT Lineup. Justin Dugan reviews the 2019 Ford Ranger to see how it performs on the street and on the dyno. Read More

Video: No-Time ‘Stang Rolls And Burns After Throttle Hangs Wide Open

South Carolina no-time racer Anthony Sellars was unhurt in a wild crash at the Middle Georgia Motorsports Park. The throttle hung open on Sellars' Mustang, sending him into the tire barrier and onto his lid.Read More

Charles Hull Prepared To Run The Table At The Sweet 16 In X275

Charles Hull is back in the X275 class and he's ready to take on the best in the world at the Sweet 16. Hull has been working on his program to be prepared for the Sweet 16.Read More

2020 Shelby GT500 Is The Most Aerodynamically Advanced Mustang Ever

The 2020 Shelby GT500 aerodynamics and cooling benefited from supercomputer simulations, 3D printing, and real-world testing. Ford Performance’s halo Mustang hits dealer lots this summer.Read More

Answers On The Second Ring: The Science Of The Second Piston Ring

Piston ring packages are as carefully engineered as any high-performance part, but the “middle child” might be the most misunderstood. Here’s a look at the science that goes into second ring design.Read More

Chesty’s Chariot: Stick-Shift Crown Vic Does Battle at Lemons

A few good men make up the U.S.M.C. racing team, piloting a Crown Victoria in the 24 Hours of Lemons. These active military plan to hit 5 races this year.Read More

$10K Drag Shootout 2: Revealing The Second Team And The Final Vote!

We're revealing the second team selected by the Horsepower Wars staff as well as the four teams entering the popular vote. Voting for the final spot opens today and runs through March 15th!Read More

Fill Your Garage With A Pair Of Mustangs. It’s Easy

Time is running out to win two outstanding Mustangs. Find out how you can win a 2019 Bullitt, and a '68 Bullitt-inspired restomod.Read More

Keeping Your S550 California Compliant With JBA Performance Exhaust

We install the JBA Performance Exhaust on an S550 Mustang. The stainless steel exhaust is a budget-friendly performance upgrade for your 2015-17 Mustang GT. Read More

Header Wrap: What You Should Know About Wrapping Pipes

Experts have valid points regarding the performance aspect of wrapping your headers. See what they told us regarding wraps and maintenance.Read More

Applications Open for the COMP Cams Dream Team

Do you have what it takes to build a single-digit drag car in 10 days? Join an all-star cast to compete for $10k in cash at the 2019 $10K Drag Shootout.Read More

Painting 101: Understanding And Properly Using Body Fillers

Body fillers seem simple enough, but once you start looking into the various products, it can be confusing. We explain the different products and their uses.Read More

Top 10 Finalists For The Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout Season 2

Horsepower Wars reveals the 10 finalists for the second edition of the $10K Drag Shootout. This year's squads include some highly-talented heavy-hitters from three different nations.Read More


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