Allen Garrett’s Alaska Cobra Gets New Whipple Gen 4 2.9L Supercharger

The Mustang’s engine was built in Allen Garrett’s garage in Anchorage, Alaska. The Gen 4 makes around 1-1.5 psi more boost than a Gen 3 with the same pulley size.Read More

Pony Wars 2 Episode 2: A Challenger Appears

In this episode of Pony Wars, we take a look at the Challenger and see what it makes on the dyno. We also hear from each team and their strategy for victory. Read More

Brenspeed Coyote-Swaps a Stunning 1973 F100

Just last week, a stunning 1973 F100 made its way from Texas to northern Indiana to undergo a power plant upgrade. The owner has chosen a second-generation Coyote engine paired to a 6R80 automatic transmission.Read More

Turbo Truck: Mark Fields’ Boosted 2016 F-150

Mark Fields wanted to build something different so he turned an F-150 into a high-performance monster. Mark's truck is powered by a built Coyote engine that gets boost from a pair of turbos.Read More

Accufab’s New Billet Coyote Block is a Game Changer

The block features billet aluminum construction for increased strength, fewer impurities, and higher metal integrity. It comes ready to assemble, and includes the main studs, side bolts, front and rear cover.Read More

The Niki Lauda You Didn’t Know: Touring Car Ace!

Niki Lauda is known as a three-time F1 World Champion and for achieving one of greatest comebacks in all sports. Few realize that Lauda was a successful Touring Car driver during the early years of his F1 career.Read More

A Look At The Ford Market Place At The Tennessee Rod Run

Check out all the cool Fords for sale at the Spring 2019 Pigeon Forge Rod Run. Join us as we take a look at real market values of some cool Ford Muscle!Read More

Home Built Hauler: Wild Nine-Second Ford Panel Van From Australia

Adrian Abela's Ford XH Panel Van could be the coolest parts vehicle you're ever going to see. This turbocharged van is a nasty 9-second street machine that works Monday through Friday.Read More

Maximum Motorsports Tames Fox & SN95 Mustang Rear Suspensions

Deciding on a suspension system for your Fox-body or SN95 can be overwhelming. We chatted with Maximum Motorsports CEO Chuck Schwynoch about several suspension options and the advantages and disadvantages of each.Read More

Over 100 Photos from the Mustang Owner’s Museum Opening

Mustang Owner's Museum opens in Concord, North Carolina featuring over 600 Mustangs of all years covering the show field. The 55th anniversary of the Mustang was also celebrated at nearby Charlotte Motor Speedway. Read More

Oiling Considerations in a Sea of Modern Engine Technology

Dual overhead camshafts, variable valve timing, and other valvetrain issues can tax the oil. Direct injection comes with its own set of challenges such as LSPI and dilution.Read More

Young Girl Reunited with Departed Father’s 2012 Mustang (Video)

A brand-new Mustang was bought to celebrate graduation from steamfitter apprenticeship school in 2012. When the owner passed, his young daughter struggled, until her mom and stepdad surprised her with his Mustang.Read More

Hotchkis Introduces 1964-73 Mustang Adjustable Lower Control Arms

New from Hotchkis - the Adjustable Lower Control Arms for ’64-’73 Mustangs. These control arms allow for precise camber settings to improve turn-in grip, stability and handling. Check them out here!Read More

Driven: Behind the wheel of the 2019 Ford Mustang GT350

The GT350 asks you to drive it harder and faster. It managed to meet and exceed everything I wanted in a track car, and it left nothing to be desired.Read More

Tim Matherly Ready to Row Gears at NMRA Ford Gateway Rumble

Tim Matherly is currently in second place in G-Force Racing Transmissions Coyote Stock points. He hopes to make a move at the NMRA Gateway Rumble.Read More

NMRA Gateway Rumble 2019

The NMRA comes to Gateway Motorsports Park for the NMRA Gateway Rumbe. Watch all the action LIVE on SpeedVideo right here: More

Ultra-Rare 2009 Matech Ford GT Prototype to be Displayed at Carlisle

While Carlisle has seen its fair share of Ford GTs, it has never seen this one: the 2009 Matech Ford GT Prototype GT1 race car. The GT competed in the FiA GT Championship Series in 2009 as a Prototype GT1. Read More

Boosted Coyote Pt. 3 – Livernois Race Series Top End Comes Together

The third installment of Boosted Coyote's engine build, we look at the Livernois Race Series top end and valvetrain. With the completion of this, the engine can head back home to get ready for the dyno. Read More

New Cut-To-Fit Axles From Currie Enterprises

Currie Enterprises has been building 9-inch rears for decades. Now, you can get cut-to-fit axles for your hot rods specialized rearend width.Read More

Mustang Owner’s Museum Opens in Concord, North Carolina

The museum’s opening coincided with the 55 Years of Mustang celebration at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 was on display, as well as the original 1964.5 Mustang from the NY World's FairRead More


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