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Video: Ford Mustang Arrives In The U.K. With “Unlearn” Ad Campaign

A new advertisement for the Ford Mustang has arrived in the U.K., but beyond the B-roll footage and British accent, there isn’t much authenticity.

Video: Ben Collins Talks Focus RS Driving Modes

Ben Collins may no longer be the Stig, but he is still a helluva driver, and today he’s behind the wheel of the 2016 Ford Focus RS discussing driving modes.

Video: How To Make Carbon Fiber Wheels Like Those On The GT350R

Carbon Revolution was tapped by Ford to build the carbon fiber wheels for the new Shelby GT350R, and this video shows us how those wheels are built.

Video: Motorweek’s Retro Review Compares 1994 Mustang And Camaro

Take a ride with us (and Motorweek) back to 1994, when the Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro were both freshly redesigned, and compare them with today’s pony cars.

Video: Ford Drone-To-Vehicle Developer Challenge Worth $100,000

Ford has launched a vehicle-to-drone communication initiative with DJI and the United Nations, with implications for vehicles far beyond surveillance.

Ford Adds Apple Carplay, Android Auto To New Cars

Ford is finally letting users choose between Apple Carplay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity. So what does this mean for SYNC?

Video: Loading A Mustang Into A Moving Van, What Could Go Wrong?

If you ever find yourself trying to load a Mustang into a box truck, and somebody takes out their phone to record your attempt, you might want to think twice.

Video: Ford GT Looks, Sounds Ready For Racing

The new Ford GT makes its racing debut later this month, but the Blue Oval is teasing us with more footage and audio of its ready-to-race supercar.

Video: Blue Devil Mustang Is 666 Horsepower Worth Of Sin

Some numbers hold holy, or in this case, unholy power. The 666 horsepower in this sharp-looking “Blue Devil” Mustang GT is enough for some serious sinning.

Eyes-Free Siri Software Comes To 5 Million SYNC-Equipped Fords

Ford is upgrading over 5 million SYNC-equipped vehicles with new software that will allow Apple users to interact with Siri without even looking.

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