MAK ProCharger P-1X Lead Art

Since the early days of the S197, MAK Performance in Hialeah, Florida, forged a close relationship with ProCharger. The shop’s founder Willie Diaz has often tested Ford products for the blower company and that remains the case today. Recently, MAK put the new ProCharger P-1X head unit to the test on its shop car, a 2015 Mustang GT.

“Since the P-1SC-1 and D-1SC gearbox have proven themselves as ridiculously durable gearboxes, even when pushed near four-digit power numbers or slightly beyond, there was no reason to change it; so the P-1X and D-1X use this same proven unit,” Erik Radzins, AutomotiveCalibrations/Social Media/Horsepower Guru at ProCharger said. “The focus was pushing the levels of power and efficiency on the compressor side of the design, meaning the volute and impeller.”

MAK Performance tested the new ProCharger P-1X supercharger on its in-house 2015 Mustang GT, which was previously set up with a P-1SC head unit. (Photo Credit: MAK Performance)

Partners In Power

As we mentioned, ProCharger turned to its old friends at MAK Performance to test the mettle of its new blower technology.

“…We had the first kit on our car outside of their own. They sent us a kit that we had, probably, a month prior. We put it on to make sure everything bolted on and gave them feedback on the kit,” Willie said of the initial ProCharger S550 system. “I loved doing the stuff that nobody else has and I have fun with it. I really do. I do it all the time with Diablo, too. We did an EcoBoost truck, and we were working on tunes together for almost a year before it was released. I am in the background, but it’s pretty cool that when things get released, I had my hand in there.”

Here’s a look at the P-1X (left) versus the P-1SC-1. The X is not much larger, but its impeller design is clearly different.