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Since the advent of hot rodding, upgrading the exhaust system of a new vehicle has been a nearly obligatory alteration. It’s one of the easiest, most gratifying ways to modify an otherwise factory stock car for improved performance, and a more authoritative engine note.

While this was a pretty straightforward proposition back in the day—bolting on freer-flowing exhaust parts to get more power and additional sound to your ride—the situation is a bit trickier with modern hardware. Not only are the OEMs getting better at dialing in their factory-installed systems to provide maximum efficiency, it can be tough to modify your car’sexhaust system without running afoul of the law–particularly in California.

The sixth-generation Mustang offers great performance right off the showroom floor, but most enthusiasts will agree that the factory exhaust system lacks some personality. Roger and Martha Baker are among that contingent, so they’re upgrading their 2016 GT with a set of emissions-compliant Shorty headers and a cat-back exhaust system. Along with a more aggressive exhaust note, they should see more horsepower and torque, improved fuel economy, and a better throttle response–all while staying compliant with the smog laws in all 50 states.