Welcome back to class, and the 4th episode of Centerforce University. In this installment, “Professor” Will Baty, of Centerforce Clutches will guide you through the key elements of choosing a clutch for your street driven ride.

Picking the right clutch can seem daunting due to all the clutches out there to choose from. But, just knowing a few key pieces of information about your car can help

To start with, you need to consider the realistic use you plan for the car, how much the car weighs, and the power output of the engine. These three factors will help you determine which clutch will give you enough holding capacity and the right amount of streetability.

The wrong clutch can be pretty hard to live with every day on the street. Baty says, “If you pick a clutch that isn’t right for your car, it will slip, chatter, or even  do both. We see and hear it both ways. It’s always important to talk to the clutch manufacturer and let them know the overall intended use and how the vehicle is set up for them to help you make the right clutch choice. No one knows the product better than the manufacturer.”

As the pressure plate spins faster, these square weights try to slide down the diaphragm fingers thanks to centrifugal force, and actually increase the clutch's clamping force.

With Centerforce’s clutches, you are getting not one, but two patented technologies built right into your street clutch, whether it be the stock replacement Centerforce 1, or Centerforce 2 for upgraded performance. Baty tells us, “Our weight system works in conjunction with the engine’s RPM. As the RPM increases, the weights pull up on the diaphragm thanks to centrifugal force, and apply more clamping force, which squeezes the disc tighter and tighter. The ball bearing technology replaces the standard fulcrum point on the pressure ring, giving us the ability to reduce internal friction while at the same time moving the fulcrum point to increase clamp load and helping add to the clutch’s life.” If you step up to Centerforce’s Dual Friction clutch, you’ll actually be getting three patented technologies helping you shift gears. (Check out the video for more info.)

Well, you’ve made it to your senior year, and in the upcoming fifth and final episode of Centerforce University, we will discuss clutches designed for maximum performance and racing. Stay tuned!

The ball-bearing fulcrums inside Centerforce's pressure plates decrease internal friction, and help give you a normal pedal feel even with high torque capacity clutches.