BMR S197 Suspension Lead Art

Over the past few years, the S197 Mustang made a significant jump in popularity at the drag strip. While it’s not overly surprising, this surge is largely due to the market being fairly saturated with these affordable Mustangs. Combine this with the absolute juggernaut that is the Coyote engine, and you have a recipe for serious street and track performance.

Whether your S197 is primarily a racer or simply a fun daily driver, understanding the rear suspension geometry can be extremely beneficial. The same principals that make single-digit race cars work also apply to the guy with nothing more than loweringsprings who has never been to the track.

BMR Suspension of Seffner, Florida, specializes in suspension components for Mustang enthusiasts. The company builds performance suspension components that are designed to give customers the strength and adjustability to achieve nearly any level of performance without having to use full race-style parts that aren’t designed for street use. We sat down with BMR to discuss some of the design features used to allow enthusiasts to get just about any amount of power to the ground, as the company does with its own in-house project car…