The Mustang is currently equipped with a virtually stock 170ci inline six cylinder

We are all about keeping things fresh here at powerTV, and one of those ways is by creating interesting project car builds.  We are proud to announce our next project build (which is actually one of my personal cars) called “Biting the Bullitt”.

The name is two fold. It could be perceived as Biting on the original Mustang Bullitt, driven by Steve McQueen, that was actually a Highland Green 1968 Fastback – with the only resemblance to our Mustang being the faded dark green paint. The REAL premise behind the Mustang build to show the fine line that we walk between a simple build, reliability, and all-out horsepower.

It will run in the 9-second range and make 1000hp to the crank, though it will have parts that will support nearly 1500hp through a Dart block and heads, hence the reliability segment.  It will feature a AED carbureted blow thru, Paxton centrifugal supercharger setup to run on pump gas and no intercooler, though it will have octane on demand via a Snow Performance Methanol Injection Kit.  The most technologically advanced portion of the setup will be the MSD Digital 7+ 7531 ignition, to dial in the timing ramps for smoother power delivery through the small rear tires.

The best feature of this car is that it has an ultra clean interior, so not much will need to be done there.

It will be driven either with 17s and drag radials daily, or 15s and drag radials. It will be getting a pre-fabbed Chris Alston 10-point roll cage that will feature swing-out door bars to help make getting in the car easier when driving it on the street.  We still plan to keep a full interior and back seat in the Mustang; after all it was the cleanest part of the car.  The exterior will get a fresh coat of paint and new chrome trim for a simple yet clean appearance.

For suspension it will receive a simple mini tub to comfortably accommodate a 275 drag radial and leaf spring setup, accompanied by a Strange 9-inch rear end.  The front will be converted to a Mustang II front suspension so the shock towers can be eliminated, which will allow for much easier working access to our 9.500 deck, 351-based Dart block.

So we saved the best for last, right?  The engine build is nearly underway and it will feature a Dart Iron Eagle 9.500 deck 351w block with billet main caps.  The heads will be Dart’s 225cc CNC-ported heads, with an Edelbrock Super Victor intake and AED blow thru carburetor controlling the air/fuel mixture.  Forced induction will be provided by a Paxton Novi series supercharger to help produce the boost we need to reach our 1000hp goal, and a Snow Performance water/meth kit will give us the octane on demand we need while retaining 91 octane during cruising.

The faded green paint and tarnished chrome will be completely refurbished

The rotating assembly will consist of Eagle’s 4340 crank and H-beam rods with their ESP finish.  Pistons will be a set from Ross with a 9:1 compression ratio and Total Seal’s AP steel rings. Innovators West will keep the rotating assembly operating correctly with one of their double key blower balancers.  Crower will be our source for valvetrain components with a complete hydraulic roller setup to relieve the need for lashing constantly when compared to a race-type solid roller setup, and maximizing our street driving experience.

Melling is supplying one of their race-inspired standard pressure pumps with Canton’s rear sump conversion oil pan and pickup holding the oil in place. will be supplying all our gaskets via Cometic and Fel Pro while ARP studs and bolts will bring the long block together.  Creating the firepower to the long block will come from a full MSD ignition, including their HVC II coil and 7531 ignition box.

The machining, assembly and engine dyno work will be taking place at QMP Racing.  QMP is a one-stop race shop that will be doing a couple trick things to our block, one of them being the addition of lifter bushings.  They will then assemble the engine and strap it to their engine dyno in hopes of breaking our four digit goal.

Stay tuned in as we will be writing stories on the progress of our build throughout the entire process, including our thrash to completion once it’s time to install the engine in the car!

The '65 features a updated '66 gauge cluster.