Josh, who goes by “JDKCountry,” at, comes from Fort Lewis, Washington with this radical, ’70 fastback Mustang. We admire Josh for his humility, because the way he talks about the build as a whole suggests that there are still a lot of things about it that he himself is still trying to learn.

In fact, Josh’s whole reason for bringing his fastback to the Pro-Touring forum was so that he could accumulate more information about his engine/transmission combo, a 460 cubic-inch V8 chasing a Tremec six-speed.

There are still a lot of modifications that Josh would like to make to his Fastback, but so far it’s yielded a positive response, as members are already demanding more pictures of the car, which he has promised to supply the next time he brings his fastback to the Pacific Raceways, yet another race outing he is planning for the car.

The Mustang also features a manual, rack-and-pinion steering assembly, though Josh is unsure of from where this kit comes. The car also uses Brembo disc brakes all the way around, and features a hydraulic clutch system.

Though not totally knowledgeable about what kind of platform/application that he is dealing with, we can tell that Josh with his built ’70 fastback, is definitely off to a great start, and it’s admirable of him to make strides within the hot rodding network to learn more and build even further on to an already-great, race platform.