Finding buried treasure is one thing; finding a one-owner, 1-of-80, ’71 Ford Torino GT with a 429CJ and a 4-speed sitting in someone’s yard is something else entirely. But over at, that’s exactly what’s happened.

Years before the disco era, the Starsky and Hutch TV series, and something called “opera windows,” the Torino was a mid-sized musclecar for the true gearhead. It was essentially Ford’s answer to the Chevrolet Chevelle and the Dodge Charger, and for a time, it competed with them head to head on the dragstrips of America.

Though dirty and a little moldy, the cockpit of this '71 GT holds a lot of promise.

Like other musclecars of the day, the Torino was available with an array of trim packages and engine options in which a buyer could choose. For 1971, you could order a two-door Torino in base, 500, Brougham (luxury), GT, and Cobra trim levels.

The Torino that you’re looking at here is a ’71 GT model, basically the more popular and mainstream sport coupe package that was offered during this model year. It’s a claimed one-owner car that packs its original 429ci Cobra Jet mill. Also part of the package is power windows, an AM/FM stereo, and rear window defrost.

The 429CJ is equipped with a factory functional Shaker hood, backed by a Hurst-shifted 4-speed manual gearbox and a limited slip rear axle.

According to the new owner, “Tony,” the Torino was purchased new by the same man he’s been hounding for the last twelve years to sell the car to him. After doing a Marti report, it is a 1-of-80 example built in such a way for 1971, and Tony has already begun a full restoration.

They may be harder to find, but those classic musclecars are still out there waiting to be discovered.

The 429CJ found underneath this Torino packed 370HP (gross) when it was new. This example might not run, but once it does, it will be one fun ride!