Pictures: The Spectrum

We see accidents all of the time, whether in person or in the news. While passing a serious accident, you can’t help but wonder whether that person survived, is still fighting for life, or if the worst had already happened. This seems to be one of those accidents.

This is a serious accident where the woman driving this GT500 Mustang actually survived, believe it or not. However, she did sustain serious injuries but not life-threatening.

You can only tell that this disintegrated Mustang is a 2009 supercharged Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 with the stripes, wheels and the Shelby Cobra emblem. Parts of the car scattered everywhere and it seems to be a miracle that the driver of this Mustang actually survived and will live to show photos of cheating death. The massive eight-cylinder engine came to a rest by itself in a completely different area and was struck by an Acura behind the Mustang.

Speed seems to be a factor in the wreck, which tends to be when people have 500-horses under the hood and a lead foot. According to the source, she was trying to turn onto the interstate via the on ramp a little too quickly and hit a dirt embankment near the bottom instead and the car flew into pieces. Large parts of this pricey GT-500 were strewn all over the place and came to rest yards away from the completely mangled frame.

The supercharged 5.4-liter engine that was powering the Shelby flew out from her car and struck a small car behind her, an Acura RSX. The V8 caused a bit of damage to the front of the little 4-cylinder, and it is seen her being loaded on to the tow truck. Good thing it wasn’t much worse. Knowing that the woman survived the accident, maybe they’ll be investing in a Mustang for their next car.