Who here hasn’t dreamed of one day winning their dream Mustang? Ford and many charitable organizations are giving them away all the time, and someone has to win those cars, right? Back in 2009, Ford had a contest that solicited essays from Mustang fans to promote the redesigned 2010 Mustang. One story about a man, a Mustang, and a tattoo caught Ford’s attention.

Mustang Evolution caught up with contest winner Daniel Velarde, who shared his story of getting his Mustang modified by Ford before getting a matching tattoo.

That was the theme of Daniel’s essay, getting a tattoo that matched your car, forming a lifelong commitment to the vehicle. When Ford selected Daniel as the winner of this contest, they did more than just give him a car. They took him to Galpin Auto Sports in California, where they got his car completely modified from front to back. The most noticeable mod was a custom paint job of a running ghost Mustang that took over 85 hours to do.

Galpin also added hood scoops, side scoops, Chip Foose wheels, a full Ford Racing suspension and exhaust, and more. And to put a cherry on top, Ford paid for Daniel to get a matching Mustang tattoo. In return, Daniel has gotten a number of friends and family to make the jump into Ford vehicles. Sounds like Ford nailed this marketing event, and then some, and has won a Ford fan for life. Way to go Blue Oval.