A familiar name with a updated car is coming to make some noise in X275 for 2012. Wes Whittle, out of South Carolina, will be campaigning his 1987 Mustang in the ever-growing and popular X275 class. Though the car is not a brand new, ground up, it however has many changes made to it over the past few months. The car was recently updated by Bell Chassisworks out of Atlanta Georgia, where they went through and added the necessary equipment to bring it up to 25.5 spec.

Riding on stock style suspension, also built by Bell Chassisworks, the car will be using a 28 x 10.5 slick or 275 drag radial. While in the shop, the team removed some of the unneeded weight out of the car. That’s where Dan Schoneck of Schoneck Components came into the picture. Wes picked up a few lightweight pieces to replace what they had on the car previously. This included front end components, lightweight battery, and a new carbon fiber forward facing scoop.

While the light weight parts will certainly help get it down the track faster, its the new updates to the bullet that will really power its way to some hopeful new bests. The carb’d 454 SBF was tore down and freshened up. Robert at Abbys Performance was tasked with picking a new cam to pair with the newly worked heads he had done. The extra power needed to run out front is supplied by the 2 single stage foggers on a cast intake that is backed up by a powerglide and torque converter put together by Torque Converter Specialties out of Columbia South Carolina.

Once the car is ready to roll, Wes will be heading over to Chris Tuten’s shop to put a tune in it though, Wes will take over the tuning on the track. Previously he ran his old turbo car in Outlaw 275 at the ORTC race at SGMP, and not only did he take the car out to battle some of the baddest small tire cars out there, he won the ORTC race and a few others throughout the 2010 season.

When asked what the car went before and what the new goal is he replied, “My best time is FAST and new goal is FASTER”. Which with his grudge inspired car, we completely understand the motive here.