Each week, our good friends over at Vortech Superchargers throw a new video up on their online blog containing one of their customers putting a Vortech unit through it’s paces, be it a burnout, a quarter mile pass, or in this weeks case, a doozy of a chassis dyno run.

Chris Longo of Big Power Racing, an all-encompassing speed shop based in Deer Park , NY, has brung the company to life with his super clean ’87 Notchback Mustang, cranking out a stellar 800 rear wheel horses from its 414 cubic inch Small Block Ford powerplant burning E85 fuel. The real grunt from the Blue Oval mill comes from a Vortch V-7 YSi-trim supercharger, pumping out 17 pounds of horsepower-inducing boost.

You know you’ve accomplished something when you manage to work over a chassis dyno, and Longo does just that as he pours the coals to the wicked Fox body and breaks the tires loose after pounding the rollers with all 800 horses.

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