If 412 horsepower from the new 2011 Mustang GT isn’t enough (and let’s face it – it isn’t) we have some very good news for you. Vortech has released photos of their new kit for 5.0-powered S197’s, and by the looks of them, you can put a fork in it because the kit is done and ready to market. It’s got a V-3 Si-trim head unit like the previous 4.6l 3-valve kit, but doesn’t replace the stock airbox with an open element filter, and get this – the intercooler is air-to-air.

Jump on over to Vortech’s blog page to see more photos but watch out that you don’t catch a case of the do-wants…

The 4.6 kits for S197’s feature Vortech’s near-trademark air-to-water charge coolers, but it appears that they’ve gone air-to-air for packaging reasons with the new Coyote engine.

No numbers forthcoming, and it will be interesting to see just what’s possible (and safe, for that matter) with the new engine. The 3-valve 4.6 GT turned out to be almost as amenable to boost as its 2-valve predecessor, but conventional wisdom says the 5.0 is closer to its limits in stock form than previous Modular motors, so the incremental power available without overstressing it may not be as dramatic as with prior Mustangs.