The X series of Vortech superchargers, which are designed for the ultimate in racing performance, have a long and successful heritage and a solid reputation as one of the most durable, efficient, and powerful superchargers in the industry. And just last week, the team at Vortech added their latest addition to the X series lineup with the announcement of their all-new V-24 XB105 supercharger, taking advantage of new rules from sanctioning bodies allowing a 6% increase in flow area to the already race-proven V-24 Xi-Trim supercharger.

The V-24 XB105 features a newly engineered, ultra-efficient light weight billet impeller wheel that delivers superior stability and and strength over the standard billet impellers. The new supercharger also has the most efficient and largest volute in its class at 11-inches. The internal diameter measure 4.20-inches.

As another revolutionary feature to the V-24 XB105’s credit, it sports a new diverging volute contour with engine specific tunable diffusion, which the team at Vortech has promised to tell us more about as more information on this brand new unit becomes available.

The V-24 XB105 is the Vortech’s answer to recent supercharger regulations announced b the NMRA and NMCA, and should create some interesting “supercharger wars” in 2012. Competitors in X275 and other doorslammer venues are also showing some strong interest in the new supercharger, based upon its highly touted specifications.

All current Vortech V-24 Xi-Trim superchargers will be fully upgradeable to the new V-24 XB105.


  • Newly engineered ultra efficient light weight Billet impeller
  • 6% more flow area over the Vortech V24-XI.
  • Improved 11” diameter (Largest volute in class)
  • New diverging volute contour.
  • Will be legal in all applicable popular racing classes
  • Engine specific Tunable Diffusion