We live in a wonderful, thoroughly modern age where we carry phones in our pockets, and those phones are capable of connecting to the world, taking pictures, and filming events. These days most people have the ability to capture and record events as they happen, which usually means video taping people doing something incredibly stupid things for the collective entertainment of all.

There are few things worse for an automotive enthusiast than crashing their ride. Having someone record that crash and uploading it to YouTube is like rubbing salt in the wound. And on top of all that, having some a-hole steal your bumper and license plate? Now that’s just mean.

Yet all three things happened to our mystery Mustang driver, who we must say probably got what he deserved after this decidedly stupid display of horsepower. The video (which contains some very NSFW language) starts off with a New Edge Mustang GT sitting at a stop light and taking off. He attempts to powerslide or drift through an intersection, but ends up smashing into a road sign instead.

The driver takes off right away, leaving his bumper and license plate behind as he books down some side street and the crowd cheers him on. With the Mustang gone, one clown from the crowd decides “Hey, I could use that bumper!” and darts into traffic to claim his prize. The video ends shortly thereafter, so we don’t know what ever became of the Mustang or the bumper, but we think it is fair to say that this was one bad day for the Mustang driver.