Cars and women; they go together like nuts and bolts, and a good woman can appreciate a fine automobile. Once upon a time, just about every man knew something about fixing cars and turning a wrench, but these days we’re something of a dying breed. But a fast car can still impress, and sometimes even terrify, beautiful women. From Mike Wilkes and High Tech Corvette comes a beautiful, well-endowed woman riding in not a Corvette, but a turbocharged Mustang. And while she may be saying no, her smile says yes…to some more speed.

You may recall this young woman from a video where she rode along with Mike in a Cadillac CTS-V Coupe. So we think it is fair to assume that she is a professional here, which explains the awesome camera angles and her perpetual smile, despite her squeals of terror. Gisele is an avid fan of Corvettes, a self-admitted dork, and loves cooking. Sounds…perfect.

Behind the wheel is Mike Wilkes, who seems unable to keep his pinky promise of no speed around corners. He’s rocking a twin-turbo Mustang rather than a Corvette, and he really seems to enjoy getting on it in the corners. Perhaps that is because Cheez Whiz (as Mike calls it) is set up for road racing.

And terrifying beautiful women in low cut shirts, apparently. Are the Academy Awards still accepting nominations?