Drifting is a relatively new addition to the motorsports world, and a sport that was once dominated by four-cylinder imports has now found a home with many a V8 domestic muscle car. The Ford Mustang especially has taken to drifting like a champ, with Vaughn Gittin Jr. taking home the 2010 Formula Drift Championship and inspiring a whole new generation of Mustang drifters.

We came across this video of some indoor drifting, Mustang style, up on YouTube from ChannelCarZF. While these two pros could probably use some more practice, what drew us in was drifting indoors. Odd, no?

As a general rule, drifting is a loud, raucous, and smoky sport that can fill open air stadiums with the pungent smell of burning rubber and the sound of squealing tires. It’s not exactly a sport meant to be enjoyed indoors. And yet this video, which was taken at this year’s AutoRAI, the Netherlands’s largest car event. Which probably explains why the drifting action was shifted indoors. And while it’s cool watching cars race inside, the reverberating sound of squealing tires would probably drive us crazy if we had to ensure it all day.

It is still pretty cool to see that even the Dutch are getting into the whole drifting craze, and these two S197 Mustang GT’s are certainly up to the task of burning rubber. While there was definitely a clear winner in this “competition” once the #2 car spun out, both of these pros managed to somehow avoid hitting the corners of their narrow confines while putting on a good show for the gathered crowd. Who knew the Dutch were so keen on drifting, and indoors to boot!