There was a time in this country where the only acceptable forms of forced induction were superchargers and nitrous oxide. Slowly but surely though, turbochargers have become increasingly popular with those seeking a performance boost, and it isn’t just in Japanese cars anymore. Ford has launched an entire line of turbocharged EcoBoost engines, and high-octane racing now sees as many turbos as it does other kinds of forced induction.

If you’re a regular reader, you know that we can’t pass up a good Mustang-on-the-dyno video, especially when said Mustang has twin turbochargers and puts 1,156 horsepower down at the wheels. Crank up the volume, this beast sounds badass.

This Mustang, built by Excessive Autosports and owned by a gentleman by the name of Eric T. is special for several reasons. For one, there aren’t that many New Edge Mustang drag cars rolling around these days, as many racers have switched over to newer body styles. Then there is the fact that this particular ‘Stang has been tuned to run on E98 ethanol.

E98, as you might guess, is 98% ethanol. Besides being a sustainable fuel that is grown, rather than drilled for, E98 ethanol packs a higher octane rating that allows engines to run higher compression. In high performance engines, this usually translates to more power. And E98 is also cheaper than C16 race fuel, allowing for more money to be spent on power adders.

But you don’t care about all that, do you? You’re just here for the sound of an 1,156 horsepower Mustang, right? Enjoy that ethanol-fueled fury, you stinkin’ hippie you.