Over the years, the folks at Tremec have sponsored the Stick Shift Shootout class during the NMRA drag racing season, and the competition is at its fiercest now. Folks like Anthony Heard and his 1999 New Edge Mustang have become well-known in the manual transmission racing scene, and for good reason. Anthony made a few changes this year to his New Edge Mustang’s combination, but one thing that didn’t change of course, was his use of a Tremec Magnum XL 6-speed manual transmission, which is required for the class he is racing in.

The Stick Shift Shootout appeals to many NMRA racers, as it highlights the efforts of grassroots drag racing in the mainstream. At the 23rd Annual NMRA Nitto Tire Spring Break Shootout which took place at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Bradenton, Florida, Anthony took home the win as the champion of the Stick Shift Shootout class.

Images provided by UPR Products.

Images provided by UPR Products.

“This year, we’ve come with a power adder car,” Anthony explained, when asked what he changed for the start of the season. “The last two we’ve won was with a 363 cubic-inch naturally aspirated car, and this year we’ve come with a 331 cubic-inch car using a 76/75 Precision turbocharger. With a Haltech engine management system on it and a Tremec Magnum transmission in it, we use UPR suspension, and it’s got an Ace clutch in it that’s a twin-disc unit, and Total Seal piston rings.”

“Everybody said we couldn’t get a radial to work, and everybody else was running a bias-ply tire this year. We tried the radial tire, and I knew it would be faster if we could get it to work, and it came together,” Anthony concluded. Looking for more information on Tremec transmissions for your Mustang? Hit them up here for yours today.