Actually, this is an older video, but we love cool finds and here’s a really bitchin’ one you might’ve missed. The information provided also suggests that the finder took a curious approach to preserving the car. As an active member of the Tri-County Mustang Club of Central Alabama, he has left the car exactly as he found it.

Exactly as he found it means that he’s not washed or cleaned up the car in any fashion. You can see in the video that this Shelby is on display at an open air car show, complete with surface rust spots, missing trim pieces and bird droppings.

There’s no doubt that the cost of a restoration project to bring this example back to factory condition would be substantial and perhaps more than the owner reasonably has available. No fault in that. But, is there really any merit in bringing the barn along when you show the car? Perhaps a couple of photos on a show board would accomplish the same thing and without wrinkling the noses of passersby.

We say that this car has already had a hard enough life and that people really don’t go to shows to see what decades of abandonment can do to a classic car. What do you think? Should this Shelby have been cleaned up or not? A couple of days of work would get the car ready for showing in any ‘Survivor’ class, none of which award extra points for looking like the bottom of a bird cage.